The Best Part of Waking Up – 6 Different Methods to Brew Coffee in the Back Country

Nothing starts the camping day off right like a good cup o’ back country brew. There are many different methods to get a decent cup of Joe while you’re roughing it, and to get you started, here’s a list of six different methods, brands, and options for your next backpacking trip:

1. Instant Coffee 

Maybe the easiest way to make coffee in the back country, instant coffee may not deliver for the biggest coffee snobs around, but it’s easy to pack and almost easier to make. With an array of brands out there (Folger’s Instant, NesCafe Taster’s Choice, & Starbucks Via), the taste choices are nearly endless. Just boil water, add in the packet of coffee, and enjoy.





2. REI One-Cup Coffee Maker

Similar to most generic coffee makers found in your home’s kitchen, this versatile all-in-one system delivers a steaming cup of drip coffee. With a mesh filter, leave the extra weight and disposal worries of paper filters at home. Just simply screw on to your favorite coffee mug, add the grounds to the drip cone and pour hot (not boiling) water over the grounds. Then simply let gravity do the rest of the work.





3. Jetboil Coffee Press

Sure to satisfy every coffee connoisseur at the campsite, the Jetboil Coffee Press is a convenient attachment for an already convenient stove. The press fits into all Jetboil stoves which provides an easy method for cooking and storing the extra piece of gear. Just pour your grounds directly into your stove, add hot water and let steep for a few minutes. Put the press down and enjoy a nice cup of Joe.





4. MSR MugMate Coffee and Tea Filter

Similar to a coffee drip, the external filter also gives you the option of a delicious cup of tea. Compact enough to store in any mug you choose, and easy enough for a monkey’s uncle, the MSR MugMate Coffee and Tea filter is the best option for the campers who like options. Either fill the filter with your desired ingredients and let steep, or boil your coffee and tea and strain through the filter. Delicious.





5. GSI Outdoors JavaGrind Coffee Grinder

For those ultra-prepared campers that like to bring “fresh” to a whole new level. With a little bit of extra weight and storage of whole beans alongside it, you have to really like fresh coffee to bring this one along. But if that’s you, and your taste buds cringe at poor quality coffee, then the GSI Outdoors JavaGRIND is the right item for you.






6. Cowboy Coffee

Just like the settlers of the west did it; get your kettle and your coffee, light up the fire, and take part in a classic way to brew coffee. But because it’s old-fashioned, doesn’t mean it doesn’t brew a great cup of coffee. Follow the correct steps and you won’t be picking coffee grounds out of your teeth, instead you’ll be enjoying a well-made cup of coffee before you herd some cattle or saddle up your horse.