The Best Indoor Rock Climbing

The popularity of indoor climbing has grown in the last several years as an abundance of unique and challenging walls and gyms have been built and updated along with new climbing trends.  Indoor gyms have flourished and given folks in urban areas the chance to try a new and invigorating sport. Whether you’re a climbing gym junky or just keeping your muscles warm throughout the winter, here is a list of some of the best indoor climbing gyms in the country.

Mesa Rim Climbing Center
Located on the north end of San Diego, California offers some of the best indoor rock climbing in the country.  Mesa Rim is known as the largest indoor climbing facility in the States, and offers something for climbers of all levels.  With over 30,000 square feet of climbing ranging from 5.5 to 514+ grades, Mesa Rim accommodates everyone and promotes changing its routes every 12 weeks so you will never get bored. Along with a natural climbing wall that specializes in mimicking outdoor climbing, they also have several crack climbs to practices jugging and laybacks.

Stone Age Climbing Gym
New Mexico’s largest climbing facility opened its doors in 1997 and has grown over the years with New Mexico’s climbing community.  Stone Age has 12,000 square feet of climbing including 4 auto belays for children or beginners, 39 top rope routes, and 46 lead climbs.   Stone Age offers a diverse climbing gym that caters to a diverse range of climbing ages and abilities.

Momentum offers a wide range of classes and instructions for new and experienced climbers alike.  Their indoor crack climbs are some of the toughest that will ready and prepare you for taking your skills outdoors. They offer over 8,000 square feet of top roping and over 9,000 of lead climbing on over 40 foot walls. Oh and did I mention they also have an extensive bouldering area that is changed often by experienced route setters. Momentum is Utah’s largest climbing gym and is always expanding to accommodate climbers.

Stone Gardens – Seattle
Over 16,000 square feet of climbing terrain, Stone Gardens – Seattle has it all. Outstanding bouldering, natural features, textured walls, a 40 foot outdoor wall, 65 foot indoor lead roof, campus board, winter dry tool for indoor ice climbing, and a spectacular pro shop.  If you are looking for a gym membership and are a climber enthusiast this is the place for you.

On the east coast located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Carabiner’s is an awesome indoor climbing gym. Being New England’s tallest climbing gym, Carabiner’s offers 35,000 square feet of climbing with 65-foot walls. Carabiner’s also offers a full weight room and showers for people looking to extend their workout. Planet Rock – Ann Arbor
Planet Rock – Ann Arbor is located in Michigan is an excellent place for all climbers. Planet rock specializes in top rope climbing with over 70 routes. They welcome children and also have a rock tread wall that rotates as you climb which helps climbers work on speed and placement. Planet rock will push your indoor limits among some of the best routes around.

By Carolyn Dean