The 5 Greatest Adventurers of All Time

The following group of people is made up of some of the most legendary adventurers to ever set foot on this planet. Fueled by raw curiosity, these men have achieved feats of exploration never considered possible until their endeavors.

Sir Edmund Hilary
Summiting the tallest mountain on this planet is an incredible achievement, but being the very first person to do so is a whole different story. In 1953, Sir Edmund Hilary and a Nepalese Sherpa were the first human beings to summit the daunting peak of Mt. Everest. This famous New Zealander lived a life full of exploration and adventure climbing 10 other Himalayan mountains in addition to a number of other spectacular journeys all over the globe. Later in life he dedicated his time to helping the Sherpas of Nepal, a noble ending to quite likely the most adventurous person of all time!

Ernest Shackleton
Best known for one of the wildest survival stories of all time, this Irishman is definitely on the list of the greatest adventures of all time. During a time known as the ‘Heroic Age of Antartic Exploration’ Shackleton’s first adventurous achievement was to be part of the expedition that reached the furthest southern latitude ever at that time. He followed this by an even more outrageous journey south in which he attempted to cross the continent of Antarctica from sea to sea. The journey proved to be impossible as Shackleton’s ship became trapped in ice and crushed stranding his entire crew in the furthest corner of this planet. His heroic adventurer status was proved during this treacherous endeavor because through some miraculous exploits he managed an unimaginable escape without a single loss of life!

Reinhold Messner
This Italian mountaineer led a remarkable life chalked full of adventurous achievements. His most notable adventure was being the first person to summit Mount Everest without oxygen, which people considered impossible until his attempt. The crazy thing about Reinhold was that this achievement was simply not enough for his adventurous appetite. He followed by becoming the first climber ever to summit every single one of the 14 mountains over 26,000 ft (8,000 meters).


Thor Heyerdahl
In order to prove a point, Thor partook in a legendary oceanic adventure known as the Kon-Tiki expedition.  The point to be proven was that ancient cultures had the capacity to make long sea voyages with the most basic equipment, meaning they had more contact with other civilizations than previously considered. This Norwegian shocked the world and permanently associated himself with the word ‘adventurer’ when using a self-build raft, he sailed 5,000 miles from South America to the Tuamoto islands of the Pacific.


Ranulph Fiennes
At age 69, Ranulph is currently considered by the Guiness Book of World Records to be the greatest living explorer on earth. Along with a prolific career in the British Army, Ranulph has continued to lead an adventurous life beyond imagination. Not only was he the first person to visit the North and South Pole by surface, but he was also the first human to completely cross Antarctica on foot. Even in his old age Ralph continues to pursue this planet with adventurous endeavors, in fact just a few years ago Ralph climbed Mount Everest at the age of 65.

By Alex Vere Nicoll