Take the Mountain Pictorial Challenge

How many of the world’s most famous mountains and peaks can you name on sight alone? We’ve posted 25 photos below. After you’ve made a guess, move your mouse over the image to see the answer. We’ve provided a bonus hint for each mountain.

Hint: Highest peak in the Southern and Western Hemispheres

Hint: Josef Naus recorded the first climb in 1820

Hint: Chronicled in a 10th century folktale called ‘Tale of the Bamboo Cutter’

Hint: Fifth highest mountain in the world

Hint: Located inside Vatnajökull National Park

Hint: Named for the former state geologist of California

Hint: The resting place of Noah’s Ark, according to the bible

Hint: Ancestral home of the Kĩkũyũ, Ameru, Embu and Maasaitribes

Hint: Reportedly home to the ‘world’s nastiest outhouse’

Hint: Smallest topographical prominence among all peaks above 8,000 feet.

Hint: Name translates to ‘The High One’

Hint: Considered the world’s second most prominent volcanic peak

Hint: Its famous cable car was installed in 1929

Hint: Nicknamed the ‘Savage Mountain’ on account of its high climber fatality rate (1 in 4)

Hint: Highest among all ‘Decade Volcanoes’

Hint: Prominently featured in three of the 50 highest-grossing films of all time.

Hint: Name translates to ‘Neck of the Moon’

Hint: Its most popular route is the northeast Hörnli ridge

Hint: Andrew Waugh, British surveyor general of India, named it after his predecessor

Hint: The highest free-standing mountain in the world

Hint: From the Quechua for ‘Earth River’

Hint: One of the world’s most recognizable inselbergs, or ‘island mountains’

Hint: Considered the highest mountain in the world until the 1850s

Hint: Situated less than 50 miles from the world’s ninth largest city

Hint: In 1808, Marie Paradis became the first woman to reach its summit