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Photo Credit: Manu Palomeque

Explorers Taking 18,000-Mile Road Trip to the ‘Pole of Cold’

In the expedition world, the North and South Pole mark two of the most extreme places on our planet. Both are known for being difficult to reach, with explorers facing dangerously cold temperatures, consistently high winds, fierce blizzards and a myriad of other challenges just to stand at 90° north [...]

Photo Credit: JukoFF

Olympic Torch to Make Adventure Tour Before the Start of the Games

    by Kraig Becker In February of next year the best winter athletes in the world will descend upon the village of Sochi in Russia to compete against one another in the XXII Winter Olympic Games. The men and women taking part in those events will glide down the sides [...]

Pan-Okhotsk: A Story of Climate Change

Pan-Okhotsk: A Story of Climate Change

The Pan-Okhotsk region begins with the Sea of Okhotsk nestled between Russia and Japan. The area encompasses more than the sea itself, however, stretching east-to-west from Alaska all the way to Russia, and