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Photo Credit: Eric Larsen

2014 Arctic Expedition Season Begins

The 2014 Arctic expedition season officially got underway this past weekend when this year’s crop of explorers were dropped off at their respective starting points out on the ice. They’ll now spend upwards of two months in the harshest environment on the planet as they attempt to complete one of [...]

Photo Courtesy of the Scott Expedition

Antarctic Explorers Complete Historic Journey

Two Antarctic explorers have completed a historic journey across the frozen continent, spending more than three months battling the elements while following in the footsteps of a polar legend. Last week, Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere, collectively the Scott Expedition, reached the finish line of their 1800-mile trek, and in [...]

Photo Credit: Eric Larsen

Two Explorers Attempting Fastest Expedition To The North Pole

The beginning of March will mark the start of the 2014 Arctic expedition season, during which a number of intrepid explorers will attempt to ski to the North Pole. Amongst them this year will be two Americans, who will brave one of the most brutal and unforgiving environments on the [...]

Photo Credit: Lewis Clarke

British Teen Becomes Youngest to the South Pole

It has been a busy and active expedition season in the Antarctic, where a number of adventurous men and women have skied, walked, cycled and kited to the bottom of the world. Amongst them was a young man by the name of Lewis Clarke, who crossed more than 700 miles [...]

Adventurers Attempting Winter Traverse of Brooks Range

Adventurers Attempting Winter Traverse of Brooks Range

Stretching for nearly 700 miles across the northernmost regions of Alaska and Canada, the Brooks Range is one of the most remote and rugged mountain chains on the planet. Largely uninhabited, and seldom visited, even in the short summer months, it is a beautiful, but demanding, wilderness that will test [...]

Mountaineer To Attempt Winter Solo Ascent Of Denali For Fourth Time

Mountaineer To Attempt Winter Solo Ascent Of Denali For Fourth Time

If there is one thing you can say about successful adventurers and mountaineers, it’s that they tend to be a determined and tenacious bunch. Take polar explorer Lonnie Dupre for instance. He is currently in Alaska,  where he’ll soon attempt to become the first person to complete a solo winter [...]

Photo Credit: Alan Wilson

Explorers Cancel North Pole Expedition Due To Bad Ice, Hungry Polar Bears

A team of explorers who had been preparing for an epic six-month long journey to the North Pole abruptly canceled those plans yesterday just a few days before their scheduled departure. The expedition had been more than two years in planning, but poor ice conditions in the Arctic have made [...]

Photo Credit: Robert Leveritt/Getty Images

Celebrity Explorers Reach South Pole

The 2013 Antarctic season is only about half over, but it has already been a very active year at the bottom of the world. Numerous  teams are currently en route to the South Pole with several adventurers attempting to be the fastest or youngest to reach that point on the [...]

Photo Credit: Jialiang Gao

British Adventurer to Attempt to Walk the Length of the Nile

At 4132 miles in length, the Nile River is the longest in the world. Over the course of that length, it wanders through 11 countries, including Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, the Sudan, Egypt and numerous others before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most iconic and historic [...]

Photo Courtesy of Lewis Clarke

British Teen Hopes To Be Youngest To Ski To The South Pole

Some teenagers are content with simply learning to drive, getting a job and hopefully finding a date for the prom. But British teen Lewis Clarke has much more adventurous aspirations in mind. The young man, who hails from Bristol, is about to attempt to become the youngest person to ski [...]