Summer Side Dishes: 10 Corn Recipes to Make You Smile Ear to Ear

Nothing says summer like teeth full of corn kernels. And to get your summer going strong, here for you today are 10 delicious corn recipes to keep your toothpick supply limited:

1. Corn Salsa
Bring out the tortilla chips and pita bread, this corny take on a traditional appetizer will get the neighbors thinking about how they should invite you over more often.

2. Grilled Corn with Herb Butter and Corn Nuts
Doesn’t the title of this one make you want to pull a Homer Simpson: “Mmmmm Herb Butter”. Impress your friends with this upscale dish for a low-end price.

3. Grilled Corn
Their’s many ways to do, but as far as my extensive research goes, this one seems to be the best and easiest way to get the most flavor out of each kernel.

4. Cream-less Cream Corn
Love cream corn but don’t want the negating effects of heavy cream in your diet? Well just in luck, this cream-less cream corn may be even better than the original.

5. Good Ole’ Fashioned Popcorn
It’s hard to imagine a better way to cap off a perfect summer night then to fill your home with the smell of freshly made popcorn done the ole’ fashioned way.

6. Fresh Corn Fritters
Perfect for a little snack or appetizer, these fresh corn fritters pair well with any sauce and will get your taste-buds popping.

7. Sweet Corn Cakes
 Start your morning, afternoon, or night right with some sweet corn cakes. The extra flavor and crunch will get you out of your seat and asking for more.

8. Corn Chowder
Best advice for a rainy summer afternoon? A big book and bowl of corn chowder.

9. Mexican Street Corn
Perhaps not the healthiest of options, Mexican street corn may just be the most delicious. With a good amount of mayonnaise and chili powder, this concoction can replace a whole meal.

10. Cooler Corn
Perfect for a tailgate or backyard shin-dig. Cooler corn lets you set it and forget it, all the while serving a large amount of people an impressive amount of corn.

 By Brad Lane