Snares, Traps, and Survival Videos: 6 Videos to Prosper in a Castaway Situation

You never know when you’ll be marooned on a deserted island with only a coconut as a friend. You might not be able to predict when you and your gang of angsty preadolescence boys are left on an island to govern themselves. And who says the zombie apocalypse isn’t that far away? So while you still have electricity and the internet, be sure to check out these 6 YouTube videos to show you how to set snares, place traps, and survive in the wild:

*Includes no footage of animals being harmed*

T-Bar Snare
You know in those classic movie scenes where the caper or protagonist is walking through the woods, and suddenly a twig snaps and their hoisted high into the air? Turns out, those kind of traps, for smaller game at least, are incredibly easy to construct. Use it to catch rabbits, squirrels, or the noisy neighbor kids.

2. How to Catch Fish Without a Fishing Pole
So simple, yet surprisingly genius. Just grab a net and some bait and let the blue-gills come to you. You don’t even need to watch this entire video to figure out the trick to catching fish without a fishing pole.

3. Survival Water Purification: Collecting Dew
Another simple, but incredibly effective, technique to get you well over a complete full bottle of fresh water every morning. And it’s a good way to wash your clothes…

4. Automatic Fishing Pole Primitive Trap
Just set it and forget it. This automatic fishing pole could catch you the big one while you are off tending to other survival needs. Just get a little bit of practice setting the line, and you could be eating freshly caught fish in no time.

5. How to Set and Bait a Snare for Squirrels
A fast and easy approach to getting some delicious squirrel meat in no time. And by baiting the trap, you increase your odds of catching dinner ten-fold compared to just leaving random snares up all over the forest.

6. Figure-Four Dead-fall Technique
Much like a wilderness mouse-trap, this technique can be applied to a variety of different game. Squirrels, rabbits, and even the most dangerous game of them all: hybrid squirrel-rabbits (squabbits).