Ski Gadgets

You have to wonder how we ever got down the mountain without all the new gadgets we have today. Of course, if you’re going to do something, you may as well do it with style.

The Ski Mojo is a spring loaded support system that fits under your ski pants and enables you to ski all day. You are also faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall building in a single bound. Okay, I made up that up. The system supposedly assists you in skiing and adds to your endurance. If you’ve always wanted to be Robo-Cop on skis, here is where you start.

Dude, Where’s My Ski?
Don’t you just hate it when you lose your skis? I mean on the slopes, not after leaving the après-ski bar, though this might work for that just as well. With the Ski Retriever the intent is to find your lost ski in the powder you just wiped out in, by using attached tabs and a hand held radio based device. Now if you can just add attached tabs to your glasses, poles, hat and everything else you lost in that yard-sale wreck.

Where Am I?
The X-Plore XGX gloves by Zanier will get you home alright. Well, they’ll show you the way at least. With a thumb mounted display, these GPS equipped gloves will show you your route, velocity, and altitude or just the way back to your car; especially handy if you already had to use the above mentioned ski retriever after leaving the bar.

I Can See for Miles
If looking at your thumb seems too much work, how about a heads-up display on your goggles? The Smith Recon I/O system shows your music, call displays and buddy tracking along with current speed and max speed, all in a heads-up display on your goggles. It will even tell you how high and far you can jump: something we used to need the Wife to tell us. All of this via a Bluetooth wireless connection. All your airtime, vertical feet and max speeds can be downloaded later for gloating purposes.

Heads Up
The Frauenhofer Institute, while not exactly a household name in ski gear, has developed a new 3-D solar panel that will fit onto a ski helmet and will allow you to recharge all those devices you carry. It has flexible solar panels on the top which soak up the rays and converts them to the power you so desperately need. Only a prototype has been developed so far but this product should be on the market soon with costs beginning around $400. Not sure if you can tap into the grid and sell extra power to the local utilities like you can with a home system. Then again, you’d need to have a pretty big head.

Shaken, Not Stirred
Called Gentlemen’s Ski Poles, these are not readily available at your local ski shop and must be made at home. If carrying a flask is just too much for you, you are a lazy drunk. The again, you’re carrying poles anyway so why not fill them up with booze? This is not to condone drinking on the slopes, but you never know when you could get lost out-of-bounds and a little Schnapps might just help get you through the cold night.

Give Me a Hand
This last one is taking the drinking thing a bit too serious but if the mitt fits, here you go. Beer coozies keep your beer cold, or your hand warm, take your pick. This little puppy called Beer-Koozie-Mittens may not have a fancy name, but they do the job. Of course, they look a little strange on the mountain but if you have a bionic leg, radio locator, electronic gloves, heads-up display, solar helmet and ski-poles with booze, maybe you aren’t too concerned with appearances anyway.

by Michael Ryan