Outdoor Retailer 2013 Gear Roundup

There are many trade shows around the world, but only a handful excite us as much as Outdoor Retailer. All of the best outdoor brands in the world, congregated in one central area to show off their newest goodies – now that’s what we call a good time. Here’s a look at some of the products that really caught our eye this time around at OR Winter Market.

Tilley’s Mashup Hat
Outdoor lovers seem to enjoy many of the same things: durability, the environment, and cool headwear. The new Tilley Mashup Hat is as durable and eco-friendly as hats get; it’s literally a mash up of hats – as in, it’s a compilation of threads from other hats, mashed up into it’s own line. Just like other Tilley’s, this piece is crushable, packable, and if it wears out, Tilley guarantees to replace it for a brand new one. A bonus with most Tilley products is a high UPF rating – this one being rated at 50+.Glittertind 70 L and 55 L Backpacks by Bergans of Norway 
When you’re backpacking for miles upon end, you want a support system that can help carry the weight of your pack as well as move flexibly with your body. The Glittertind won Germany’s 2012 “Outdoor Industry Award” for it’s innovative SPINE carry system which is essentially a shock absorbing steel spring shaped like a helix. The 70 liter pack weighs four pounds and 14 ounces, while the 55 liter weighs four pounds and 10 ounces. It features a top lid with internal and external pockets with a slot for a hydration pack. This is ergonomics at its best.

Arc’teryx Fortrez Hoody
Four years ago, the folks at Polartec invented a polymer with Arc’Teryx that is fused into fleece to give it abrasion resistant properties (basically turning your fleece into a shell without sacrificing stretch or breathability). The new Fortrez Hoody is one of Arc’Teryx’s best fleeces yet, designed for climbers of ice and rock. Aside from being the warmest of Arc’Teryx’s Ascent line, the Polartec Hardface is designed to rub against rocks, shed water, and resist snags. The jacket weighs roughly 13.6 ounces.

Pacsafe’s Toursafe 29
Believe it or not, airports are a hotbed for theft. In 2011, 26 million bags were tampered with, misplaced or lost while in transit. The new Toursafe line from Pacsafe intends to combat this trend with a slashproof metal mesh lining as well as ToughZip zippers, designed to keep out thieves who poke their way into your bag through the zipper. While keeping stuff safe, perhaps even more valuable is peace of mind while abroad..

NEMO Canon -40 Sleeping Bag
This bag is hardcore in all aspects. It’s rated to negative 40 degrees, has zippered openings that you can ventilate when needed, is waterproof and breathable, and even has holes for your arms. If you’re serious about being outdoors when the ice starts coming down in sheets, this will keep you alive.


Eagle’s Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock combined Vulcan Underquilt
What would an outdoors show be without winter hammocks. That’s right – winter hammocks. The ENO Vulcan Underquilt is for the hammock camper who wants to sleep suspended in cold conditions. The shell is made of Nylon Ripstop with a DWR coating while the lining is made of Nylon Taffeta, which creates a moisture resistant barrier. At 30 ounces and a temperature rating at 25 F, this hammock and underquilt combo is a great lightweight replacement for a tent and sleeping bag.

By James Kennedy