The Grid and the Future of Energy

A friend of mine once told me how to hijack cars in the badlands of Tanzania; roll a large boulder in the middle of a deteriorating road forcing the driver to choose between a large pothole, going head on with the rock, or getting out and getting hijacked.

We repave our roads for a reason, and it’s not so different from the reasons why we should be “repaving” our electrical infrastructure.

Physicist and environmental scientist, Amory Lovins, reminds that our electrical grid is a matter of national security (and we’re not just talking about foreign oil). The grid is weaker than its ever been from a physical infrastructure standpoint but more importantly, it’s the most vulnerable it has ever been to cyber attack.

“The grid is weaker than its ever been…”

“We need to replace practically our whole electricity system over the next 40 years” due to aging and deterioration. The future of renewable energy can get rid of the problems that would come with staying on the same kind of grid we use (even with repairs to the existing grid).

If you don’t believe that the electrical grid is under threat, check this guy out:

Of course, renewable energy, and helping the earth in general can all start at home. Lights on during the day? Shut them off. Do you like drinking soda from cans or bottles? Recycle them. So why not put this on a larger scale and work towards a clean-energy country?

“helping the earth in general can all start at home.”

It makes sense, and it makes money as well. “The private sector is very motivated” to get in this field, so a future of renewable energy is coming closer to fruition. Maybe the people in Washington will start paying some attention to the environment, and a little less on binders full of women if we, as a community, can work on getting this on the agenda.

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By James Kennedy