New Column From Wenger Blog: The Survival Coach

I’m not about to claim that I’m Bear Grylls or Cody Lundin or one of those famous TV survival experts. What I can claim is that I’ve spent the majority of my 52 years living smack in the middle of (not just visiting) some of the most hidden and deepwood parts of America, usually in spots where it might be 50-below or opening the back door involved coming eyeball-to-eyeball with a moose, mountain lion or bear. I’ve been bashed up in the woods, caught in blizzards, gotten myself lost, caught fish and critters in odd ways, cooked them in odder ways, built bizarre-looking shelters out of junk, and dealt with more venomous snakes than I care to count. I’ve almost croaked a bunch of times . . . and the fact of my continued existence probably has more to do with luck than any kind of brilliant Macgyvering on my part.

But, through all this, I did learn a fair passel of skills.

During my Montana and Idaho days, I had the opportunity to become great friends with some of the last “real” modern-times mountain men – guys who forgot more woodsy lore than I’ll ever know. Whatever did stick in my lil’ pea-brain arrived partly through trial and error, partly through study, and mostly because those guys taught me a hell of a lot.

Here’s the deal about wilderness survival, the 5 biggest things I ever learned from the true experts.

-  Walk slowly
-  Watch where you’re going
-  Listen
-  Stay calm no matter what
-  Face reality. Accept the fact that, while nobody gets out of this world alive, a little bit of brains and knowledge might just help you postpone an early, unnecessary and possibly humiliating demise.

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And one more time . . . it’s all about this.

The Survival Philosophy
 The Survival Philosophy is defined as possessing a skill set that might allow one to extricate himself and others from a negative or dangerous scenario with a minimum of injury or bodily harm. It revolves around staying calm, observing a situation, analyzing the options, accepting reality, and using acquired knowledge to determine the optimum positive resolution.

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