National Park Week!

National Park Week is pretty much one of the best things out there, granted you can get access to a National Park. But, if you can’t, watching this video will suffice, right? Wrong.

National Park Week is the perfect excuse for outdoor lovers to do what he loves the most. Whether you take a week long escapade, or a day trip to the nearest park, National Parks Week shouldn’t go unrecognized.

The United States is home to 59 national parks, all demo’ing the unique topography of the area. Wouldn’t it be a shame if Nation Park Week 2013 came and went without you experiencing a park for yourself?

“If you’re up for a good time, come on out and join along”

It’s Parks Week 2013, everybody. Get out there.



Written by Alec Ross
Written by <a href=””>Alec Ross</a>