National Geographic Casting For New Adventure Show

Attention all explorers and adventurers. National Geographic is ramping up production on a new television show and they just might be looking for you. Producers of the new series are on the look out for cutting edge expeditions and exciting adventurers that they can film for the show, which aims to take viewers to remote corners of our planet on a weekly basis. 

Few details about this new show are known at this time, but a post to the Nat Geo TV blog gives us some indication of what it will be about. The description of the show says “Every riveting episode will feature a new explorer, a new territory, and a new adventure, which will redefine the limits of possibility.” The post also notes that this will be a “blue chip adventure series that will take viewers to the edge of the world… and back.”

Production has already begun on this new project but the creators of the show are still looking for new expeditions to include in the first season. They say they want to film adventures that push the limits of exploration while managing to also mix in ground breaking science. The plan is to spotlight explorers who are pushing boundaries on multiple fronts, something that is consistent with the 125-year history of the National Geographic Society.

For explorers, this is a fantastic opportunity to get some much needed exposure for their endeavors, which are often overlooked by the mainstream press altogether. Potential sponsors will love the exposure as well, making it easier to get an expedition off the ground. The series has the potential to demonstrate to audience just how important exploration continues to be even in the 21st century.

If you’re interested in pitching Nat Geo producers on your upcoming adventure you’ll find full details in the blog post announcing the casting call. Be prepared to share details on what you have planned and include photos and/or video to help sell the point. Submissions that don’t include images or video will not be accepted.

As a fan of National Geographic’s television programming and adventure in all of its forms, I’m looking forward to seeing what this new series brings into our homes on a weekly basis. At any given time there are dozens of interesting expeditions taking place around the globe and it will be interesting to see some of them given the exposure that they deserve.

There is no word yet on the name of the show or when it will begin airing.

[Photo Credit: Kraig Becker]