NatGeo Announces 2013′s Adventurers of the Year

Has the world been explored? According to these 10 amazing adventurers, the answer is no.

The facts are, 95 percent of the ocean’s floor has not been seen by human eyes, 86 percent of all species on land and 91 percent of those in the seas have yet to be discovered, and dozens if not hundreds of mountains are yet to be climbed. Needless to say, the world is nothing close to being explored (and don’t get us started on space).

As for our advice to you; become an adventurer. To be an adventurer, you need to do something that’s never been done. No, not climb an unclimbed mountain or discover a new species, but have you ever kayaked down a class IV? Or how about even been kayaking at all? Have you climbed a 5.10? Or skied a double black diamond?

Have you ever advocated for an environmental cause? Put your social reputation at stake? Perhaps been willing to put mother nature’s concerns over your own.

Whatever your idea of unexplored is, whether physical or social, we encourage you do it.

By Yoon Kim