Married Couple Running 5000 Miles Across South America

by Kraig Becker

When most couples plan a trip together they usually book an escape to some romantic destination where they can get a little time to themselves. Often their plans include plenty of rest and relaxation, perhaps with a little time on the beach or around the pool at some luxury resort. But David and Katherine Lowrie aren’t like most couples and in much of the past year they have been on a 5000-mile long South American adventure that by the time they finish will have seen them travel the length of the continent – south to north – completely on foot. 

The husband and wife team launched their journey back on July 28, 2012 in Punta Arenas, Chile – the southernmost town in South America. From there they started running north through Patagonia with their course taking them through Chile and Argentina before eventually wandering into Bolivia, Brazil and Venezuela. Along the way they’ve had to cross the Andes Mountains and find a way through the Amazon Rainforest, which has proven to be quite the obstacle to their journey.

When they first started, the Lowrie’s set an ambitious time table to complete their expedition. They had hoped to finish the run in approximately a year and and planned to run an average of about 26-miles – the equivalent of a marathon –  each and every day. That has been a significant challenge however and the daily grind has proven to be more difficult than they had first imagined. Their first year has come and gone and they’re still on the road, although they have hit a significant milestone in recent days. They now have less than 1000 miles to go before they are done and while that is a significant distance for sure, it must seem like the home stretch for the the couple.

As if running 5000 miles across an entire continent hasn’t been enough of a challenge, David and Katherine had other aspirations in mind when they set out as well. They’ve been using their expedition as a vehicle to raise funds for some important non-proft organizations that are attempting to protect wildlife in South America. Those organizations include Asociacion Armonia, BirdLife International and Conservacion Patagonica. Additionally, the Lowrie’s launched the BigToe Classroom which provides educational resources for use in classrooms with lessons focused on their conservation efforts, the ecological makeup of South America and their incredible journey in general.

As they near the finish line you can follow David and Katherine’s final push to the end on the website for the aptly named 5000 Mile Project. They also post regular updates on their blog, Facebook and Twitter as well.

[Photo Credit: the 5000 Mile Project]