Longboard Strollers Actually Exist Now (And You Might Be Able To Buy Them Soon)

As a member of the Millennial generation, I’m surprised it took us this long to combine protective childcare devices and recreational board sports. But hey, better late than never, amirite?

Naturally, Belgium is involved. As noted in a recent TIME Magazine article, Antwerp-based design studio Peter van Riet has joined forces with Quinny, “Europe’s most respected stroller brand”, to produce the world’s first longboard stroller hybrid (probably). Dubbed an “urban mobility concept with an eye to the future”, the inventive, urban-friendly item is being advertised as a “environmentally-friendly alternative to traveling by car or bus.”

The creators assure parents this product is safe, thanks to a rear brake and handlebars that steer the board. However, official safety tests have not been conducted and the companies have yet to announce a release date, so you won’t find it in stores just yet.

Does the longboard stroller sound dicey to you? Watch the video above and then decide how you feel about it.

In the meantime, you can follow Quinny’s blog for developments about the as yet unnamed longboard stroller project; a recent post polled readers on whether they thought a handbrake or footbrake would be more effective.

Preliminary reviews have been somewhat harsh (though it’s important to keep in mind that none of these critics have actually tried the device). “The Longboard Stroller: how to give your child a thirst for adrenaline and a permanent physical and/or mental handicap”, noted DudeIWantThat.com.

“You know how skateboarders (yes, even those who ride on longboard varieties) tend to crash a lot?” CoolThings.com observed. “Yeah, not cool.”

“Once you have kids your coolness factor starts a slow but inevitable decline towards a lame life of tucking in Polo shirts and constantly stressing over mutual funds,” quipped Gizmodo’s Andrew Likzewski. “But before your kids reach their teenage years, there are ways to prolong your coolness, like swapping your stroller—as expensive or tricked out as it may be—with one that’s attached to a longboard.”

Whatever, forget the haters. The longboard stroller rules, and it will soon be available for purchase (knock on wood). Brad Jr. and I will see you on the pavement.

By Brad Nehring