Light Your Way: 6 Different Headlamps, Lanterns, and Lighting Devices for the Back Country

We’ve all been there before. Stumbling around the pitch dark in your underwear outside of your tent, fumbling with random tree branches and stubbing your feet along poorly-placed rocks, all in the search for a decent spot to use the restroom…Terrible. So you don’t get lost in the dark on your next camping trip, here for you today are 6 different brands, methods, and illuminations to light your way to a better experience.

Snow Peak Mini Hozuki Lantern
This handy little globe is a versatile way to lighten the night. Great for car camping or the late-night hike, this globe is compact, comes in three different light modes (including candle flicker), and can be magnetically attached to your tent body. And as a plus, could add that decor to your campsite that you’ve been searching for.

Princeton Tec’s “Fuel” Headlamp
Small, lightweight, and bright enough to read by. It may be one of the more basic headlamps on the market, but it gets the job done. Headlamps are the handiest way to get around the campsite. If you don’t understand why, ask someone who has tried to set up a tent in the dark while juggling a flashlight in either hand.

Maglite Flashlights
Although juggling a flashlight at all times is not ideal, the Maglite brand of flashlights really give you that extra weight to carry something around. Call it security or an impromptu baton, but Maglite flashlights cut through the darkness and provides reassurance of your ability to hit something if you have to.

Petzl “Myo” Headlamp
This programmable headlamp provides all the options you could ever want. Planning a short, late-night run? Program the headlamp to emit high intensity light that will last for a specified time. Planning a three day, four night excursion? Program for a more steady, less bright, energy conserving mode. With additional wide-angled and boost features as well, this headlamp has a price-tag, and many say it’s worth it.

MSR LED Tent Lights
Clip the magnets of these suckers all over your tent and you’ll never trip over tent stakes again. Small enough to pack a few, these tent lights can cover that gap from “roughing it,” to “living like kings.” Although that might be an exaggeration, these lights will give you a little extra comfort throughout the night.

Black Diamond “Icon Polar” Headlamp.
Made for those cold weather adventures, the Icon Polar headlamp from Black Diamond include a detachable battery case that you can store in your coat pocket on those cold winter nights. And with a whopping output of 200 lumens, this headlamp will light your way and then some.