Italian Adventurer To Live On Iceberg For A Year

Photo Credit: Brocken Inaglory

Its no secret that climate change is having a profound impact on our planet. As temperatures continue to warm up, the polar ice caps have begun to shrink, which in turn is slowly causing ocean levels to rise across the globe. If this trend continues, it could have dire consequences for mankind, a fact that is not lost on Italian adventurer Alex Bellini, who has come up with a novel idea for raising awareness on the topic. To demonstrate just how quickly things are changing, he intends to live on an iceberg for an entire year, documenting the melting process as it disappears completely. 

Bellini is no stranger to extended adventures. He is an ultra-runner who estimates that he has run more than 14,000 miles in his career. He has competed in such races as the infamous Marathon des Sables, which takes place in the Sahara Desert, as well as the tough and demanding Alaska Ultra. He has also rowed across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. Those experiences have made him more aware of the environment around us and the importance of protecting it.

But in an interview with the Adventure Journal, Bellini says he doesn’t want to be labeled as an environmentalist. Instead, he sees himself as an explorer who is more interested in expanding knowledge than pushing some agenda. He hopes to serve as a link between researchers, sharing data about the process that an iceberg goes through as it returns to liquid form. Bellini admits however, that by sharing his adventure online he hopes to inspire a sense of urgency in others about the impact that climate change is having on the environment.

For the most part, Alex says he’ll be completely alone while out on the ice. He says that early on he’ll interact with journalists and bloggers as he gets his message out, but after that initial period, he’ll be by himself. He also intends to stay that way until the very end, which includes the point at which the iceberg gets too small to support him any longer. When that happens, his shelter will convert into a life raft, which is where the Italian will stay until he is rescued from the waters of the North Atlantic. If all goes as planned, he’ll be with the iceberg until it is all but gone.

It is unclear exactly when Bellini will begin his experiment in living on an iceberg. He says that his future home doesn’t even exist yet, and he is waiting for it to form off the coast of Greenland. The ideal piece of ice will be tabular in shape and approximately 60 meters in length by 20 meters wide. Once he finds something that fits that description, he’ll set out on this unique adventure that will certainly be unlike any other. That should happen sometime early next year, although the final plans are still being put into place.