If You Love Snow, Don’t Ignore Climate Change

Perhaps Schieffer, Crowley, and Lehrer are unaware or uninterested. We have another theory; they don’t ski.

The issue of climate change is in our hands now; it’s the burden of entertainment companies, environmentalist groups, ski resorts, outdoor brands, and snow lovers around the world. Warren Miller Entertainment is one of these who is stepping in where our nation’s leaders have failed us.

They remind all power hounds of a harsh reality; if the world keeps heating up, we’re going to have to start looking for new hobbies.

It might seem like an odd partnership for an entertainment company to be producing video for an organization that is doom and gloom by nature, but snow lovers need to be the environmentalists best friend. We may be the only force that can save it; and after the lack of mention on the central stage of the United States, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get much help elsewhere.

By Yoon Kim