We all have heroes in our lives. Heroes don’t seek recognition and they don’t expect rewards.  They don’t always save people from burning buildings, or buy shoes for the homeless, but over time, they shape who we are and inspire us to become better people.  We find that many times, these heroes go unrecognized; it only makes sense given their nature.

We want to try something new this holiday season. We want to try to recognize as many of these heroes as we can and share their stories. We believe that sharing these stories inspires people and ultimately, can help make the world a better place.

Who is your hero?  Share your story below and we’ll recognize the most inspiring stories with a small token of our appreciation – one of our favorite Swiss Army Knives.

DAY 1 Hero: Sten
My wife and I have a hero named Sten.  Both my wife and I have handicaps due to a traffic accident and a work related accident. When we first moved into our house 12 years ago, there was a lot of work that needed to be done and we were not able to do it. On top of that, we didn’t have enough money to hire a handyman.

Even though we had not had contact with Sten for a few years, he volunteered to help us with [just about] everything, knowing that we could not offer him money or physical help in return. He has helped us with everything from painting, setting up the kitchen, setting up tiles, putting up new wallpaper, changing the carpets, and even chopping wood for our fireplace. To make a long story short: Sten has made it possible for us to live in a home.

Today, twelve years after we moved in, Sten still offers his help. That is why he is our hero and deserves recognition. That is also why he was the best man at our wedding four years ago.

DAY 2 Hero: Daniel
My hero is my dad, Daniel. He has always been very giving, not only for me, but others as well.

When I was less than a year old, my parents got divorced. My dad fought for custody of me in front of a jury. This may not seem like something huge, but in the 70′s it was almost unheard of for a father to gain custody of his child, especially girls. Daddy won and from the time I was a year and a half old, he raised me on his own. My dad has sacrificed so much to see that I had everything I needed and much of what I wanted. I tell him how grateful I am all the time and I hope he truly knows this.

Thank You, Carla.

DAY 3 Hero: Lisa
So this one is for Lisa. Lisa just turned 28 and she’s living in Seattle. She started this program called AGE up- All Girls Everything, which essentially gives young inner city girls a place to go, a thing to do, a passion to dedicate themselves to. They play ultimate, they work out, they cook and eat together, they have discussions and lectures and workshops on social issues that are predominant in their lives. Lisa started AGE years ago and has since seen dozens and dozens of girls graduate and not only go on to college, but also come back and help work in the program themselves. Lisa’s my best friend, see. And while I’m struggling to get my career together, and maybe find a partner and maybe get out once and while and enjoy myself, it seems like Lisa’s focus is entirely on others. I work hard, certainly, but I work hard to beter myself in the hopes that one day I’ll be able to make the world a better place. Lisa isn’t waiting, or hoping, or preparing- she’s just doing. I’ve always been impressed with Lisa’s work with AGE- considering she’s going to grad school full time, and working, and she takes care of my dog when I go out of town, and she’s always aware when I need a phone call; she’s the first to call. But then I found out that she was shuttling these girls around- if there was a girl who couldn’t had to miss one of the three-times-weekly sessions because of transportation, Lisa would drive them there. And home. She was everything they needed. Some of them called her “mom.” For years,she managed to do this without even owning a car herself. She would borrow friends cars to help others. Lisa is my friggin’ hero, because she works tirelessly and to the bone every day, and she keeps it up, and frankly I’m not sure how. I am in awe of her. She asks for nothing, absolutely nothing in return, and so I’d like to win her a knife. I hope she wins, and uses it to open a bottle of wine in celebration of herself.

By The Wenger Blog