Halloween Costumes to Show Others You’re Eco-Friendly

Every year, millions of Americans dress up on Oct. 31 – and each costume is like a little window into the soul of its wearer. This Halloween, show off your true (earth-toned) colors with a creative ensemble that calls attention to your eco-friendly spirit.

Black-footed Ferret
Did you know that until very recently, the scientific community believed black-footed ferrets to be completely extinct? This furry critter remains highly endangered; a black-footed ferret breeding program was launched two years ago with only 18 live creatures. So when your friends mistake you for a lemur or raccoon, kindly explain to them that you’re dressed as one of the most endangered animals in North America. Warning: any attempts to make this costume ‘sexy’ may lead to some weird reactions.

Companion Plants
Here’s a couple’s costume idea: in the botanical world, certain plants have been proven to assist one another with pest control, nutrient intake and other factors that improve garden health. For example, intercropping tomato patches with basil plants is said to increase tomato yields by 20 percent (and then you have two ingredients for a tasty sauce). Another example is the brightly colored marigold, which distracts pests from nearby fruits and veggies. Just remember, fellas – it takes a real man to dress as a flower in the name of sustainable agriculture.

Solar-Powered Dance Party
If you’re lucky enough to live in a place that is sunny in late October, then use this clever costume to show people the benefits of solar power. First, mount a solar panel charger to the top of your favorite ballcap. Then, plug an MP3 device into the charger and clip it to your shirt or belt. As you move about your outdoor party playing sweet music for all to hear, show the other celebrants why you don’t need to consume electric power to get people on the dance floor.

Sinking Seychelles
No one has felt the sting of global warming quite like residents of Seychelles, an archipelago nation comprised of 115 tiny islands located in the Indian Ocean. Climate change has chipped away at the islands’ coral reef deposits, and experts believe that continuously rising ocean levels could cause the entire country to literally sink beneath the waves in a matter of decades. Draw attention to the Seychellois plight by donning a landmass costume – or if you want to keep things simple, an ‘I Love Seychelles’ T-shirt – with some snorkeling gear on your head to symbolize the country’s impending crisis.

Zombie John Muir
During his lifetime, John Muir explored the Western United States, documented the various flora and fauna he found there and played an integral role in the creation of our national parks. However, it’s been nearly a century since his lifetime ended – making the iconic environmentalist a prime candidate for a zombie makeover. Not only will this ensemble give you an excuse to don a cartoonishly long (yet historically accurate) beard and step into some warm flannel clothing, but you’ll also get the chance to explain Mr. Muir’s influential preservationist principles to your fellow party-goers.

By Brad Nehring