Gear Junkie’s Final Epic Award for 2012 Announced

Injuries don’t stop a person’s desire to get outside. They shouldn’t. With today’s technology, only a few modifications are needed so that amputees can get on a bike and cycle cross country. That’s exactly what John Wordin has been doing for the past six years; getting veterans on bikes.

Wordin, once a officer candidate himself, saw the need for rehabilitation among injured veterans. He started Ride 2 Recovery in 2008 knowing that cycling is a sport that almost all patients with mental or physical disabilities can participate in. The program helps wounded veterans start the road to recovery while actually on the road, speeding up the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

This week, Wordin was announced him as sixth winner of the 2012 Gear Junkie Epic Award among a cast of other outdoor heroes.  We congratulate all you’re doing, Wordin.

Check out the website for Ride 2 Recovery as well as following them on Facebook.

By Yoon Kim