Father’s Day 2013: Gifts that will take him from a Sacked Stan to a Dapper Dan

It’s the inevitable. As sure as the sun rises in the morning, so will gray hairs appear on the head of your pops. And even more concerning, it seems that fashion relevance and age are inversely proportional. But rest easy, this father’s day offers ample opportunity for you to kick start your old man’s image with dependable, attractive outdoor products.

Our father’s are from a different time. Back when cars were made of steel and gas was below a dollar a gallon, men bought products that would last. Here’s a list of seven quality products that your old man is sure to appreciate:

Bike to Work Jacket by Betabrand
Nothing like a good looking jacket to get your dad riding again. Biking is good for you, and while he’s so wrapped up in the debonair jacket you just bought him, he’ll never notice the underhanded encouragement to get back on the bike. Made from the finest water resistent material, San Francisco based Betabrand pulled out all the stops on this cycling coat. Featuring hidden reflective bands on the sleeves, shoulders, and back, Betabrand makes it possible to be safe, snazzy, and dry during even the most grisly of bike rides.

Wenger Legacy Ultra Computer Slimcase 
Yes, we’ve heard it all before: “Back in my day, people didn’t need fancy gismos to make a living”. Be that as it may, we live in an increasingly technological world. Don’t let your dad be caught without his necessary gear. The Wenger Legacy Ultra Computer Case is the perfect tote for your dad’s laptop. Made of quality polyurethane fiber, this slim case protects his computer, while not adding any needless weight, a characteristic I’m sure his back will appreciate. Featuring an additional pocket for paper work, this Slimcase is that thoughtful father’s day gift you’ve been searching for.

Loop Tea Strainer by Kinto 
This clever device by Kinto is the kind of product that makes you think, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that”; and your father is sure to think the same thing. With so little effort, you’re father will wonder why he ever used tea bags before. He needs only to scoop out his favorite tea, close it up, and place it inside his favorite cup. The Loop tea strainer drastically cuts down on waste, and is sure to provide your old man with the satisfaction of being on the cutting edge.

Watch Collector Case by the Martinator
Your mother has a fancy case for all her jewelry, designer and brander Martin Lim asks why your father should not have one as well. The Watch Collector Case is the perfect gift for your father to gather and to keep his watch collection in pristine condition. Made from the durable Pelican laptop cases, these enclosures are more than capable of keeping your father’s watch collection safe and organized. The Martinator has products available from 4 watch cases for the average sartorial conscious man, to a 32 watch case for the avid collectors.

Gentlemans Apron by TRVR
More like a full body tool belt than an apron, this rugged leather and  waxed canvas bib by TRVR will keep your pops looking spiffy, even while swinging a hammer.  Indispensable for any factotum, this apron has pockets for all the necessary tools your dad will need when working around the house. And as an added bonus, your mother will appreciate that her apron will remain in the kitchen, where is rightly belongs. That’s two birds, one stone, folks.

Wenger Running Lens Sport Glasses
Nothing says, “I’m trying” like a nice pair of Wenger Running Sport Glasses. Pick your pops up a pair and you’re sure to see a skip in his step. Intelligently designed with ventilation holes, these shades won’t fog up on your dad when he’s going for the evening stroll. And even more, all of Wenger’s lenses are interchangeable. That means you and your dad can both sport Wenger Running Lenses with the peace of mind knowing that you’re both badasses, and that if yours break, you can always snag his lenses and pop them in. Though, these lenses breaking is highly unlikely.  These sport glasses are made of the super flexible TR90. Do your dad a favor, pick him up a pair of these contemporary shades.

Black Playing Cards by Balance Wu Design
Why not show the man that taught you to play that you appreciate him with these unique, minimalist playing cards. Featuring some truly gripping face cards, Balance Wu Design designed these cards to capture attention, as they’re sure to do if you make these your Father’s Day 2013 gift choice.