Extra Warm Clothing and Accessories: 6 Essentials for the Winter Season

The best part of winter is defeating the cold, staying cozy amongst the snowbanks, and being warm during the white-outs. And whether you are staying toasty this winter as you are flying down the ski slopes, or nestled up in some extra layers in the living room, here for you today are 6 essentials clothing and accessory items for you to defeat the cold this winter:

Sanuk’s “Chill” Collection – Men‘s & Women‘s
Take your at-home comfort to the next level with the “not a sandal” companies take on winter attire. With the same classic fit as the Sanuk summer wear, these boots are lined with fur to give you that extra winter edge. Great for lounging around the house or lazy hours at the office, I would advice not wearing them to much outside in the snow or ice.

Patagonia Capilene 4 Expedition Long Underwear – Men‘s & Women‘s
There is something about long underwear and the winter that go so well together. Stay warm on the chairlifts and walks around the snow with Patagonia’s well tested long underwear. And with enough elastic waistband and inseam technology to have a PHD in comfort, these long undies will be so comfortably warm against your skin, you might consider not taking them off for awhile.

Dynafit Vulcan Down Jackets – Men‘s and Women‘s
A great addition to your winter wardrobe. This 750-fill down puffy jacket can be put on with a zip and stored away in its own internal pocket. Great to throw in the pack, put on when it’s cold, and use all winter long. The puffiness of the coat is water repellent and can easy be patted down by another outside layer. The best way to stay warm this winter is to surround yourself with down.

SmartWool Baklava
A company known for their outstanding socks, SmartWool also has some other winter accessory essentials, including a Baklava. Also known as a face mask, or bank robbing mask, this winter must-have will keep your cheeks from getting to rosy and your lips away from wind damage. Use it as a replacement for a beard, or cover up that facial hair, either way, rock the baklava and stay warm this winter.

Mountain Hardware Men’s Jalapeno Gloves & Women’s Compulsion Glove
Keep your hands warm and dry this winter with either the Jalapeno Gloves for men or Compulsion Gloves for Women. With water-proof, wind-proof, and extra insulated technology, this gloves might be your best offense for an Armageddon snowball fight. And with a slightly hefty price tag ($125-$160), it will make you be extra strenuous to avoid the dreaded one glove lost situation.

This full body sleeping bag could be the end of your productivity. Make sure not slip this on mid-day or you’ll have a hard time emerging from the iron-man like snuggle suit you just put on. With the full versatility of a marshmallow man, and the warmth of a down sleeping bag; this walking heat source is great for winter car camping, winter couch surfing, and is the ultimate “nap-anywhere” item.