Explorers Museum Opens In Ireland

Photo Credit: James Brennan

A new museum dedicated to celebrating exploration and explorers has opened in Ireland. The curators of the museum, which took up residence in a famous castle in Tullamore, Ireland, have set some ambitious plans for 2014 – and beyond. The not-for-profit organization looks to not only celebrate the past, but inspire future generations of explorers as well. 

The Explorers Museum is the brainchild of former Explorers Club President Lorie Karnath and Tim Lavery, the director in charge of the World Explorers Bureau-The Global Adventure Speakers’ Agency. This new project came about due to a generous anonymous donation, and a sponsorship from Pixelwork, which allowed them to take up residence in Charleville Castle, one of Tullamore’s more famous locations. The castle once belonged to Charles Howard-Bury, an explorer and naturalist who led the first reconnaissance missions to Mt. Everest in the early 1920′s. His pioneering work helped pave the way for other explorers, such as mountaineer George Mallory, to follow. The opening exhibit at the museum, which is slated to go on display this summer, will honor Howard-Bury, as well as other famous explorers.

One of the key goals of the Explorers Museum is to educate visitors on the history of exploration and the key personalities that dedicated their lives to filling in the blank spots on the map. The organization also hopes to inspire 21st century explorers to continue in the footsteps of those men and women, by pushing the boundaries of modern exploration as well.

Amongst the plans for the year ahead, the museum hopes to launch its first annual Awards Night, during which worthy explorers will be honored with their contributions to the field. That event will also introduce the first class of inductees into the Explorers Museum Hall of Fame, which will honor the greatest explorers of all time. Down the line, there are also plans to establish a premiere research library and a state of the art expedition headquarters, complete with all the high tech gadgets necessary to support and track explorers working in the field.

The hope is that the museum will be a significant draw to Tullamore for tourists with an interest in exploration. I can’t speak for other travelers, but it certainly has put the town on the  map for me. I wold definitely be interested in seeing the museum after it opens, and I look forward to hearing more about the organization as it grows.