Disney Helping Students Explore the Outdoors

This past week was National Park Week, and in celebration of that the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund donated $500,000 to help 60,000 students explore wildlife in the National Parks. This is an important time for the youth of this country as they are becoming increasingly disinterested in the world of nature and our wild lands in general. In order to have a generation that will take a more serious look at how to protect our natural environments they need to develop a relationship with it first. This doesn’t happen behind screens (no matter how freaking awesome Google maps and Trail View becomes) but when one is pounding the dirt on the trail with their boots.

The program that Disney is helping in particular is the Ticket to Ride program, which provides students transportation to the parks which many of them lack. Now just because they are helping doesn’t nesecarilly mean that people who need it will hear about the good news. Therefore, Disney’s Friends for Change will be airing an announcement on the Disney Channel as well as Disney Online.

This is an era of disinterest for the outdoors. We need organizations and educational programs such as these to help ensure that our parks and wild lands will be cared for a loved for decades to come. You can help and learn more about what’s going on by visiting the National Parks website.

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By James Kennedy