Daylight Savings Time Ends This Weekend, Don’t Forget To Set Your Watches

This weekend marks the end of Daylight Savings Time and a return to Standard Time here in the U.S. Wenger would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to roll back their clocks and watches by an hour before going to sleep on Saturday evening so that they’ll display the proper time when you wake up the following day. Here are some tips for doing that on our timepieces that ensure that both the time and date are correct when you wake up on Sunday.

Obviously we build Wenger watches to be rugged, attractive and keep accurate time. But we also make them very easy to adjust even if weather conditions turn bad. If your watch displays both date and time, gently pull out the crown until it clicks into the second position. This will allow you to adjust the date by turning the crown counter-clockwise. In the case of adjusting back to Standard Time, you’ll want to rotate it towards you to set the date one day back. Then, pull the crown out a second time to reach the third position, which is where you can adjust the time as needed. Rotate the crown so that the hands on the watch move clockwise until the date and time are both set properly. If you are setting a PM time, don’t forget to rotate past 12 once before stopping on the proper hour and minutes. Once you have completed the process, click the crown back into the original, fully depressed position.

If your Wenger watch happens to display both day and date, you’ll be able to adjust both settings when you pull the crown out to the second position. As before, turning it counter clockwise will adjust the date, while turning clockwise will adjust the day. Repeat the process above for setting the correct date and time from the watches third position.

If your watch does not display either the day or date, simply pull the crown out to the second position and rotate it in either direction to set the proper time.

These instructions won’t apply to all watches of course and if you own one from another manufacturer you’ll want to consult with their directions on the proper way to adjust the day, date and time settings. Similarly, digital watch owners will have built in options to adjust these settings independently of one another based on their own unique operating systems. Some GPS enabled watches will even adjust the time automatically  after determining your location.

The transition from DST back to Standard Time means shorter days and earlier sunsets. But on the bright side, when we “fall back” this weekend we all get an additional hour of sleep. Enjoy it!