Comedians To Perform Live Show From Everest Base Camp

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

A group of six comedians is planning what promises to be one of the more interesting sets of comedy, while taking place in one of the most unusual settings as well. Later this year, the troupe intends to perform not just one, but two, sets of stand-up  from Everest Base Camp, which will surely make their show the highest comedy act in history. While it will definitely be a performance for the record books, they’ll also be undertaking this challenge to raise funds for a great cause too.

Dubbed “Stand Up On Everest,” the show is set to take place on October 4 from EBC, which is located at an altitude of 5365 meters (17,600 ft). It will feature comedians Stewart Francis, Craig Campbell, Glenn Wool, Terry Alderton, Simon Evans and Rhys Darby, who will be joined by a group of 50 audience members. That audience won’t just be there to witness the jokes however, as they’ll first take part in a nine-day charity trek through the Himalaya just to reach Base Camp.

The 50 hikers who will be on the trip must first pledge to raise a minimum of £1000 (roughly $1645) for Save the Children, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children in developing countries across the globe. The organization is the official charity for Stand Up On Everest, and the overriding theme for the event is to provide a better start to life for kids growing up in Nepal.

This special comedy show will take place during the fall climbing season, which is much quieter than the spring season, which will begin in early April. In fact, the comedians and trekkers may find Base Camp extremely quiet at that time of the year, allowing their laughter to echo all the way down the Khumbu Valley.

If you’re interested in joining the trek, you’ll find a lot more information at The site includes a detailed itinerary for the trip, more information on the fund raising efforts, and profiles of each of the comedians. This look like it’ll be quite the adventure later this year, and those who make the hike to Everest Base Camp will find out how hard it is to laugh at altitude.