Class vs. the Task: 6 Watches for the Outdoorsman

There are three ways any sartorial conscious man can approach his watch selection: utilitarian, stylish, and the in-between. Some would argue that the “be-dazzled”,  broad-faced styles that have krept their way on to men’s wrists in recent years should be the fourth, but we know better. The key to finding that right time piece is identifying the perfect “in-between”, where utilities works in tandem with aesthetics.

At the advent of the cell phone, it would be reasonable for one to forgo the time piece altogether. But instead of dwindling into history as an obsolete utility, the wrist watch has assumed another roll: the traveler’s indispensable ”Mr. Go-To” for  quick-access time and navigation, all while fostering stares from interested locals.

With so many different makes and models on the market, where is the outdoorsman to begin his hunt for the right watch?

Here are six watches that are the perfect blend of utility and good looks: 


Wenger “Squadron Chrono” 

Built with search and rescue corpsmen in mind, the Wenger Squadron Chrono packs all the features an outdoors man will need. When pin-point navigation and millisecond accuracy is the difference between success and failure, the Squadron Chrono is sure to live up to the test. Besides the invaluable features, the Squadron totes something that makes it the leading contener in Class vs. the Task: it’s undeniable good looks. The Squadron’s bold black face creates an easy to read contrast with its intrepid red and white lettering. Whether you’re out on the town, or out in the middle of nowhere, Wenger’s flagship watch is an essential accessory for any man. 


Timex “Camper” 

No profligacy here, folks. The Timex Camper has only what is necessary to any adventurer: comfort and durability. It’s stainless steel, gun-metal case balances beauty with rigidity; while it’s olive, leather accented nylon strap is sure to catch the eye of anyone, in the woods or otherwise. Should you consider yourself the amphibious type, Timex’s Camper boasts a 5 ATM water resistance capacity, earning it’s spot among the best watches for the outdoorsman.




Skagen Round Mesh Watch

Designed for movement, this wrist watch by Skagen reinvents the blending of maneuverability and elegance. It’s steel mesh bracelet offers what leather cannot: breathability. The bold blue face, and accented orange minute hand make this watch an attention grabber. Lightweight and ergonomic, this round watch by Skagen is a must for any one on the go.



Scuderia Ferrari Chronograph 

Truly the Ferrari of watches. Except… really, it’s a Ferrari watch. Designed by Italian experts in speed and image, this time piece brings no shame on it’s vehicular counterparts. Its stainless steel, ionic black plating, and calfskin, croc-embossed strap make this watch the proverbial tall, cool drink of water. And if that’s not enough, the iconic prancing horse on a shield of yellow is a constant reminder that yes, it is a Ferrari, and yes, you are a badass.



Wenger Nomad LED Compass 704

Itinerants, take note. Wenger’s Nomad Compass 704 was designed with specifically you in mind. Featuring a unique, stealthy LED readout, date, and compass, the Nomad is all you need to keep you headed in the right direction. It’s silicon strap and stainless steel casing gives the Nomad the ability to take as much damage as your journeys can throw at it. Don’t be slowed down by your equipment, let Wenger’s Nomad Compass 704  guide you in your travels.



Citizen Men’s ‘Eco-Drive’ Sport Watch

You’re adventures don’t slow down, why would your watch? Citizen’s Eco-Drive watch features a unique “Eco-drive” energy cell that stores energy gathered from any light source. Its infinitely charging battery runs forever, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck without.