Celebrate the Season with Discounted Lift Tickets

Yoon Kim
There’s two ways to look at skiing on Christmas. Most people think to themselves, “I really shouldn’t be on the slopes today. I should spend the day with my family.”

But a wise minority say something like, “I’m so glad people are with their families today, leaving me with all the fresh tracks.”

There’s no better way to celebrate the season than to be on empty slopes at a fraction of the normal price. Even better is if you’re with family. Liftopia has a running list of resorts who are offering steep discounts on lift tickets on Christmas Day. We’ve included a small selection of our favorites below. For the rest, check out Liftopia’s Christmas Day Sale.

Winter Park, Colorado
23% savings
35” base

Brighton, Utah
38% savings
63” base

Snowbird, Utah
31% savings
60-72” base

Killington, Vermont
31% savings
24-36” base

Sierra at Tahoe, California
42% savings
33-73” base

Steven’s Pass, Washington
50% savings
81-87” base

By Yoon Kim