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Photo Courtesy Fedor Konyukhov

Russian Rower To Attempt Pacific Ocean Crossing

Russian explorer Fedor Konyukhov has an impressive resume in terms of his adventurous accomplishments. Not only has he visited both the North and South Pole, he has also climbed the Seven Summits, twice going to the top of Everest. But next month he will undertake what may be the most [...]

Photo Courtesy Richard Parks

Another Polar Explorer Attempting South Pole Speed Record

Now that November is officially here and the Antarctic expedition season is starting to ramp up, there are a number of explorers heading south looking for an adventure on the frozen continent. More than a few have their sights set on a ski journey to the South Pole, covering a [...]

Photo Courtesy Erik Weihenmayer

Blind Adventurer Who Climbed Everest Temporarily Detained While Kayaking In Peru

Erik Weihenmayer, the adventurer best known for becoming the first  blind person to climb Mt. Everest, recently ran into a spot of trouble while kayaking in Peru. He and a large team of paddlers were making a descent of the Marañón River when an angry group of locals, mistaking the group [...]

Photo Credit: Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen Announces Plans For North Pole Expedition In 2014

Polar explorer Eric Larsen has announced plans for his next major expedition and it could be the most difficult of his illustrious career. Larsen, who is a Wenger ambassador, will team up with fellow explorer Ryan Waters, to attempt a ski expedition to the North Pole – something that has [...]

6 Awesome Camping Gadgets for Techies

6 Awesome Camping Gadgets for Techies

Things can get lonely out in the great outdoors without those tablets, smartphones and chargers. No need to fret techies, because in today’s world there are some pretty nifty gizmos to keep you online in the middle of nowhere. Here are 6 high tech camping gadgets for those that love [...]

6 Best Beach Breaks in North America

6 Best Beach Breaks in North America

Almost everyone learns to surf at a beach break. Sand hurts less than reef, and beach breaks offer plenty of room to spread out while you flop around and jettison your board skyward. However, not all beach breaks can be considered kiddie pools. Many are quite good, and some are [...]

2013 Antarctic Expedition Season Begins

2013 Antarctic Expedition Season Begins

by Kraig Becker As the fall climbing season in the Himalaya slowly grinds to a halt, the attention of the outdoor adventure community turns southward. November always marks the start of the Antarctic expedition season when teams of explorers and solo adventurers head to the frozen continent where they’ll spend weeks [...]

Photo Courtesy Caters News Agency

Explorers Visit Massive Cave in China

  by Kraig Becker A team of British spelunkers and photographers recently returned from and expedition to China where they spent more than a month exploring a massive cave system in the Chongquing province. While there, they managed to capture the first ever images of the impressive Er Wang Dong cave [...]

Photo Credit: Luca Galuzzi

Avalanche On Everest Claims 4 Lives

by Kraig Becker Heavy snows in the Himalaya this fall have made climbing and trekking there difficult at times. Some of the more popular peaks have been hit hard with fresh powder, particularly after Cyclone Phailin made landfall two weeks backs. The poor weather brought in an end to numerous high [...]

Photo Credit: Chad Riley

Ultrarunner Dean Karnazes To Run Marathon In Every Country

  by Kraig Becker Ultrarunner Dean Karnazes has managed to make a career out of running incredibly long distance, often in some of the harshest and most unforgiving environments on the planet. His incredible resume includes running a marathon on every continent, as well as completing 50 marathons in 50 days [...]