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Explorers Museum Opens In Ireland

A new museum dedicated to celebrating exploration and explorers has opened in Ireland. The curators of the museum, which took up residence in a famous castle in Tullamore, Ireland, have set some ambitious plans for 2014 – and beyond. The not-for-profit organization looks to not only celebrate the past, but [...]

Adventurers Attempting Winter Traverse of Brooks Range

Adventurers Attempting Winter Traverse of Brooks Range

Stretching for nearly 700 miles across the northernmost regions of Alaska and Canada, the Brooks Range is one of the most remote and rugged mountain chains on the planet. Largely uninhabited, and seldom visited, even in the short summer months, it is a beautiful, but demanding, wilderness that will test [...]

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The Cost of Climbing Everest – 2014 Edition

Climbing Mt. Everest is without a doubt one of the most demanding undertakings in all of mountaineering. It requires months – and sometimes years – of training. It takes weeks of preparation before even traveling to the Himalaya, and once there it requires upwards of another two months to actually [...]

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Adventurer To Attempt 850-Mile Swim Around Ireland

On the scale of epic feats of endurance, a long distance swim ranks right near the top. Such a challenge is both physically and mentally demanding, while also creating an intense sense of isolation for the swimmer, who often spends hours alone in the water. Those are the conditions that [...]

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Passengers Rescued From Ship Stuck In Antarctic Ice

Proving that Antarctic travel is still a dicey proposition – even in the 21st century – a group of passengers stranded aboard a ship off the coast of that continent were rescued yesterday following a ten-day interruption to their voyage. The 52 scientists, researchers and tourists – not to mention [...]

Mountaineer To Attempt Winter Solo Ascent Of Denali For Fourth Time

Mountaineer To Attempt Winter Solo Ascent Of Denali For Fourth Time

If there is one thing you can say about successful adventurers and mountaineers, it’s that they tend to be a determined and tenacious bunch. Take polar explorer Lonnie Dupre for instance. He is currently in Alaska,  where he’ll soon attempt to become the first person to complete a solo winter [...]

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Three Teams To Attempt First Winter Ascent Of Nanga Parbat

With the winter climbing season now set to begin in the Himalaya, teams have begun to gather across the region ahead of the start of their expeditions. Winter is a quiet month in the big mountains, as only the most dedicated and hardiest of climbers are willing to endure the [...]

Top 10 Greatest Survival Movies of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Survival Movies of All Time

We’ve always loved seeing stories of incredible human strength and resilience, courage in the face of seemingly insurmountably long odds, and perseverance in the harshest of situations. This common thread in society, coupled with the rise in popularity of survival-themed television shows, has led to an influx of similarly themed [...]

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Celebrity Explorers Reach South Pole

The 2013 Antarctic season is only about half over, but it has already been a very active year at the bottom of the world. Numerous  teams are currently en route to the South Pole with several adventurers attempting to be the fastest or youngest to reach that point on the [...]

Italian Adventurer To Live On Iceberg For A Year

Italian Adventurer To Live On Iceberg For A Year

Its no secret that climate change is having a profound impact on our planet. As temperatures continue to warm up, the polar ice caps have begun to shrink, which in turn is slowly causing ocean levels to rise across the globe. If this trend continues, it could have dire consequences [...]