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Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Comedians To Perform Live Show From Everest Base Camp

A group of six comedians is planning what promises to be one of the more interesting sets of comedy, while taking place in one of the most unusual settings as well. Later this year, the troupe intends to perform not just one, but two, sets of stand-up  from Everest Base [...]

Ultrarunner Kilian Jornet Named Nat Geo People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year

Ultrarunner Kilian Jornet Named Nat Geo People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year

After two months of online voting, during which more than 75,000 votes were cast, ultrarunner Kilian Jornet has been named the National Geographic People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year. The Spanish endurance athlete edged out a field of 12 other candidates, that included long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad and climber Adam [...]

Photo Courtesy of the Scott Expedition

Antarctic Explorers Complete Historic Journey

Two Antarctic explorers have completed a historic journey across the frozen continent, spending more than three months battling the elements while following in the footsteps of a polar legend. Last week, Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere, collectively the Scott Expedition, reached the finish line of their 1800-mile trek, and in [...]

Photo Credit: Eric Larsen

Two Explorers Attempting Fastest Expedition To The North Pole

The beginning of March will mark the start of the 2014 Arctic expedition season, during which a number of intrepid explorers will attempt to ski to the North Pole. Amongst them this year will be two Americans, who will brave one of the most brutal and unforgiving environments on the [...]

5 Things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland

5 Things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland

Located on the shore of Lake Lucerne and within sight of Mounts Pilatus and Rigi, Lucerne has plenty to offer besides just spectacular scenery. Chapel Bridge Walking across a bridge may not sound like the first thing to do when you hit a town but the Chapel Bridge with its [...]

Image Courtesy the Telegraph

Castaway Survives 16-Months Adrift At Sea

In what sounds like the plot right out of a Hollywood movie, U.K. newspaper the Telegraph is reporting the remarkable story of a castaway who washed ashore on a remote atoll in the South Pacific after spending 16-months lost at sea. The man had managed to survive for weeks on end, [...]

Photo Credit: Daniel Martin

Italian Mountaineer Begins Solo Attempt On Nanga Parbat

As we’ve previously mentioned, Nanga Parbat is at the epicenter of the high altitude mountaineering community at the moment. The 8126 meter (26,660 ft) peak, located in the heart of Pakistan’s Himalaya range, is the focus of all of the major winter expeditions taking place this year. Several teams are [...]

Photo Credit: Lewis Clarke

British Teen Becomes Youngest to the South Pole

It has been a busy and active expedition season in the Antarctic, where a number of adventurous men and women have skied, walked, cycled and kited to the bottom of the world. Amongst them was a young man by the name of Lewis Clarke, who crossed more than 700 miles [...]

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Burton

Mountain Biker Completes Ride To The South Pole

In much the same fashion as climbing Everest, skiing to the South Pole has become of those activities that is routinely found on the bucket lists of many adventurers. Beginning each year in November, a small group of hardy souls heads to Antarctica to make the gruelling journey through one [...]

Declining Snowboard Sales Suggest the Hobby Is in a Serious Slump

Declining Snowboard Sales Suggest the Hobby Is in a Serious Slump

A recent article from Boston Globe correspondent Tony Chamberlain seems to confirm what snowboarding industry insiders have known for several years: the sport is in major decline. Twenty years ago, the popularity of snowboarding was growing by leaps and bounds every year. According to Chamberlain, snowboarders represented 7.7 percent of [...]