Capture the Moment: 5 Adventure Cameras & Accessories to Help You Do So

Trying to get your buddies to watch your shaky adventure video shot on your smartphone but only receiving yawns and rolling eyes? Take your adventure video to the next step with this selection of adventure cameras and accessories:

Contour +2 – $349.99
This sleek looking tube-shaped camera has a quick switch between off and recording for those moments you need to be fast with the shutter. And with a 270 degree rotating lens, coupled with a handful of mounting options; any shot you can imagine, this camera will deliver. With other accessories including laser alignment, microphone and external monitor hookups, and GPS to track you speed, distance, and location; this camera might be the best bet for the price-tag.


GoPro Hero 3+, Black Edition – $399.00
Maybe the most recognized name in adventure cameras, the GoPro has earned that title. The new GoPro Hero 3+ delivers everything an aspiring adventure video maker needs. 20% smaller and lighter than all previous models, this camera also has some new features including Superview (biggest wide angle perspective on the market), and an auto low light mode to capture the action even when it’s in the dark. And with a touted 30% longer battery life than before, the fun doesn’t have to be put on pause to plug it in. To see all the available mounting options, check this out.


Muvi X-Lapse Time Lapse Accessory – $29.95
This nifty low-price camera accessory can add a lot to your adventure films. Simply set it up in a bustling area, connect whatever camera you own that has a continuous photo mode, start the rotating tripod, and walk away. With the ability to fit an assortment of cameras, and to be mounted on an assortment of taller tripods, this accessory will allow you to get amazing 360 degree sweeping time lapse images that played back-to-back create an awesome visual effect. A good way to get the whole scene in one day.


Liquid Image Apex HD$399.00
It’s always important to be able to see things from other people’s points of view. And with Liquid Image’s snow, off-road, and scuba glasses; you can do just that. Doubling as eye protection and video recorder, Liquid Image’s goggles allow you to see straight and shoot great video. And being a bit more incognito than their competitors, these goggles can truly make you feel like James Bond or Ethan Hunt.


Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max$421.95
For the traditional outdoors men and women, the Bushnell Trophy Cam is a motion sensor camera that is designed to be strapped to a tree, deer stand, or your back porch to capture stunning wildlife video without you having to be around to spook the wildlife. With night vision capabilities and a design built to handle any weather situation, this camera will give you a glimpse at the wild life that occurs when you’re not around.