Best New Ski Tech of 2014

Technology isn’t just for the computer nerds anymore, it is also for those of us who like to play in the snow, or rather shoot down it. Here is the list of coolest ski gear of 2014, all of which have state of the art materials and technology that will redefine your shred experience.

Oakley Airwave 1.5
These goggles are next level awesome; imagine a combination of goggles and a mini-Ipad. Not only do they protect your eyes from snow, wind and weather, but they also track your speed and include jump analytics. Next time you think you are breaking records, think about picking up a pair of these babies, so they can prove it to you. As if that isn’t amazing enough the Oakley Airwave’s have prism technology so they can display preloaded maps, music playlist control and buddy tracking.

Ortovox Merino Guardian Shell
What appears to be just a simple, stylish ski coat is actually a jacket made with phenomenal technology. This jacket is lightweight, warm and virtually sweat-proof because of the way it is made. The outer layer of the jacket has Merino wool woven through the layers, which makes the material exceptional. In addition the extra pockets and plethora of zippers give the jacket air to breathe, and hold all your fireball shooters.

Montane Prism Gloves
These gloves are the best of the best. They are the perfect glove because they are lightweight and packable, so you can shove them in your pocket and grab them when you need them. Combined with the newest technology like plush micro-fleece on the inside lining for warmth and then a Pertex exterior. While they sound basic they are ultimately very warm, lightweight and water and sweat resistant. The blend of two superior fibers ensures better whole hand circulation and ultimately a way better shred day.

Terra Nova Inferno Gloves
While the Prism Gloves are great for stuffing in your pockets and taking them out when you need them, the Inferno gloves are built for seriously cold days and not pockets. These gloves feature a 10oz PrimaLoft filling which creates a warm and luxurious inside that is similar to a fluffy down comforter for your hands. The outer layer is Hipora, which is water resistant and perfect for days that you aren’t sure if you are skiing or diving in the powder. These are the gloves for the 0 degree, first chair at Vail days.

Zeal Optics HD Camera
The goggles that we all have been dreaming for are here. Housed in basic goggles, is a video camera that shoots at a 170 degree angle in full 1080p. The built-in viewfinder allows you to see your footage and aim the camera accurately. Now we all can be our own Warren Miller.