Best Apps for the Ski Season

Before we get into the best apps for the ski season, let’s not forget to put our phones down for a moment and enjoy the chairlifts, the warming huts, and of course, the elation gained from losing elevation. These apps can be extremely useful and super cool, but they are only there to enhance your time spent on the slopes, not distract from them. So here for you today, are 6 skiing apps to make the most out of your mountain mayhem:

With everything you need to get the best powder and the greatest deals, Liftopia offers ski reports, snow reports, and best of all, local lift ticket deals spanning across the U.S. Find that cheap 2-day pass and the freshest snow for the weekend and you’re set. No more clipping coupons.

Vail’s EpicMix
A social app for some of the biggest mountains, EpicMix is made for blockbuster resorts including Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, and six others. Download the app and track your runs, race your friends, and gain access to all the professional pictures taken off you by staff on the mountain. Use the racing feature, and go head to head with Olympian Lindsey Vonn for a shot at the title.

Ski Tracks
Pony up $0.99 for this app and get one of the best tested GPS tracking services for ski mountains. With 14 hours of tracking, including speed and altitude, once you get home and you can export the info onto your home computer and get an awesome portrait of your day which includes embedded photos and status changes. A fun way to review the day.

Sno Where
An app designed for avalanche safety, turn this program on when you head out to the back country for some fresh powder. With a low battery using interface, and accessibility outside of network coverage, this app tracks your location and can send out emergency signals if you ever find yourself buried beneath the snow. With a ping ensuring it’s working, and a signal indicator for all users to know when your about to stumble upon your buddy, this app claims that it could save your life; and it might just be true.

Find my Friends for iPhone and Android
A great tool for mom and dad to track which triple black-diamond their children are bombing down, or to see which resort bar your friends stopped at for a drink. Use it for what you want, but Find My Friends will track all participating phones and show you exactly where they are so you can meet up, stay away, and ensure your family or friends are still on the mountain.

Outsmarting traffic together. That is Waze’s motto and reason for existence. It’s great for getting updates on the best routes to the mountain. Waze enables real time updates, info, and shortcuts all created by users; so the bigger the network, the better the traffic information. And with a gas station finder, get the best price on gas and save year round. Also ideal for mountain meetups by tracking your friends routes and seeing what time everyone should arrive.