Be a Hero and Cycle for our Fallen: The First Annual Patriot Ride

Our Military (active and veteran alike), the Fire Department, and the Police Department have to work diligently to protect and serve this great nation. If you enjoy cycling and feel like it’s time to give back a little, check out the Patriot Ride for our Heroes (PRFOH) and choose to ride 2.5-100 miles in honor of these great personnel.

The idea for the event was conceived in 2012 when Tim Esser, the founder, rode to Twenty-Nine Palms with wounded marines to deliver the American flag. The birthed PRFOH is a not for profit that exclusively supports prestigious charities including Disabled Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and the Salvation Army. “As a team, we are excited to be a part of the Patriot Ride For Our Heroes and look forward to giving our heroes the best sendoff ever in the history of a cycling event! We are grateful for the freedom we enjoy which has come at great sacrifice,” says Esser.

A Chat with the PRFOH Executive Director, Daphne Jasperse

Chad Dioingi: What is the goal of PRFOH?

Daphne Jasperse: The goal is to raise awareness and funds for charities related to Fire, Military, & Police organizations.  We want to give these heroes an event where they are honored and supported.

CD: What kind of food, drink and entertainment will be along the route?

DJ: This last weekend was kicked off with a vender expo on Friday, October 25th. There were Dole bananas, Nestle/Arrowhead water, Domino’s Pizza, Clif Bars, energy drinks, Team 1010 KXPS Radio, and bands for entertainment. Highlights of SAG (Support & Gear) stops are Fantasy Springs Casino, and local fire stations. The first heat of riders will begin Saturday, October 26th at 7 a.m. with 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. heats to follow. Events on ride day include hundreds of marching bands, and a military aircraft flyover. (CD: Nothing gets me pumped up for a ride like an aircraft flyover!)

CD: How much money do you plan on raising?

DJ: This is a first year event, and if we raise $10,000, we will be pleased.

The PRFOH even had bicycle rentals in case you wanted to ride, but don’t own a bike. And, the first 3,000 registrants were be entered to win a two night stay including dinner and golf at the La Quinta Resort and Club.

Be on the lookout for this great event again in the future!