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Kraig is an outdoor adventure and travel writer based in Austin, Texas. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trail running, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and more.

Photo courtesy Ueli Steck

Ueli Steck Makes Solo Summit of Annapurna

  by Kraig Becker Wenger ambassador Ueli Steck continues to amaze the mountaineering world with his high altitude exploits. The Swiss climber has earned a reputation for going fast and light on the most iconic peaks in the Alps, while setting numerous speed records in the process. Over the past few [...]

Book Review: “The Mountain: My Time on Everest” by Ed Viesturs

Book Review: “The Mountain: My Time on Everest” by Ed Viesturs

by Kraig Becker Ed Viesturs is arguably the most accomplished American mountaineer of all time. In 2005 he became is the first – and, to date, only – American to have climbed all 14 of the world’s 8000-meter peaks, accomplishing that feat without the use of supplemental oxygen. His career has [...]

American Climbers Attempting Highest Unclimbed Peak in Nepal

American Climbers Attempting Highest Unclimbed Peak in Nepal

  by Kraig Becker It has been a busy fall in the Himalaya where a number of teams have already wrapped up their expeditions to summit some of the tallest peaks on the planet. But one team is just getting settled into base camp as they prepare for the unique challenge [...]

Photo Courtesy: National Parks Conservation Association

Government Shutdown has Huge Impact on Communities Surrounding National Parks

  by Kraig Becker The big story of the week has of course been the complete shutdown of the U.S. government which has resulted in many of the tasks typically associated with running the country coming to a halt. Only the most essential of services are currently in operation while Congress [...]

Endurance Athlete Running the Great Himalaya Trail

Endurance Athlete Running the Great Himalaya Trail

by Kraig Becker The Great Himalaya Trail is a long distance trekking route located in the mountains of Nepal. Divided into 10 distinct segments, the GHT runs for more than 1700 km (1056 miles) across that country with much of route falling at high altitude. Each of those segments takes approximately [...]

Photo Credit: Joe MiGo

Climber Finds Lost Treasure Chest In The Alps

  by Kraig Becker In a story that sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood movie plot, a French mountaineer was surprised to discover a lost treasure chest half buried in a glacier while climbing in the Alps earlier this week. That surprise turned to astonishment however when he actually [...]

Photo Credit: Uwe Gile

Italian Mountaineers Attempting Ski Descent of Lhotse

  by Kraig Becker With the fall Himalayan climbing season now in full swing, there are a number of major expeditions underway on several of the world’s tallest mountains. Perhaps the most daring of those expeditions is an attempt by two Italian mountaineers to scale Lhotse, the fourth highest peak in [...]

Photo Credit: JukoFF

Olympic Torch to Make Adventure Tour Before the Start of the Games

    by Kraig Becker In February of next year the best winter athletes in the world will descend upon the village of Sochi in Russia to compete against one another in the XXII Winter Olympic Games. The men and women taking part in those events will glide down the sides [...]

Photo Courtesy Ueli Steck

Ueli Steck Returns To The Himalaya For Third Attempt Of Annapurna

  by Kraig Becker Following a tumultuous spring climbing season in the Himalaya, during which he and his teammates scuffled with a mob of angry Sherpas, Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck is once again returning to Nepal. This time Ueli has his sights squarely set on an old nemesis as he makes [...]

North America’s Tallest Peak Is Shorter Than Previously Thought

North America’s Tallest Peak Is Shorter Than Previously Thought

by Kraig Becker A recent review of mountain ranges in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey has revealed some surprising results. A group of geographers working to update topographical maps across the state discovered that one of the most well known mountains in North America doesn’t stand quite as tall as [...]