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Kraig is an outdoor adventure and travel writer based in Austin, Texas. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys trail running, mountain biking, hiking, climbing and more.

Italian Adventurer To Live On Iceberg For A Year

Italian Adventurer To Live On Iceberg For A Year

Its no secret that climate change is having a profound impact on our planet. As temperatures continue to warm up, the polar ice caps have begun to shrink, which in turn is slowly causing ocean levels to rise across the globe. If this trend continues, it could have dire consequences [...]

Photo Credit: Benutzer Hase, via WikiMedia

Ironman Champ Challenges Lance Armstrong To A Race

Two-time Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack has thrown down the gauntlet on former pro-cyclist Lance Armstrong. Earlier in the week, McCormack set the triathlon world abuzz when it was revealed that he has challenged Armstrong to a one-on-one, unsanctioned race to determine just which of these two world-class athletes is [...]

Photo Courtesy Costa Rica Adventure Race

Adventure Racing World Championships Get Underway in Costa Rica

Over the weekend, one of the most demanding and exciting sporting events on the planet got underway in Costa Rica. That country is playing host to the Adventure Racing World Championships, a competition that will pit some of the best endurance athletes in the world against one another on a [...]

Photo Credit: Manu Palomeque

Explorers Taking 18,000-Mile Road Trip to the ‘Pole of Cold’

In the expedition world, the North and South Pole mark two of the most extreme places on our planet. Both are known for being difficult to reach, with explorers facing dangerously cold temperatures, consistently high winds, fierce blizzards and a myriad of other challenges just to stand at 90° north [...]

Photo Credit: Jialiang Gao

British Adventurer to Attempt to Walk the Length of the Nile

At 4132 miles in length, the Nile River is the longest in the world. Over the course of that length, it wanders through 11 countries, including Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, the Sudan, Egypt and numerous others before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most iconic and historic [...]

Photo Courtesy Ueli Seck

Video: Inside Ueli Steck’s Personal Gear Closet

There is no question that Wenger Ambassador Ueli Steck is amongst the best best mountaineers in the world today. When he isn’t busy setting new speed records in the Alps, he’s off making solo summits of the most difficult peaks in the Himalaya. As a professional climber, Ueli naturally gets [...]

Cyclist Attempting To Ride To The South Pole

Cyclist Attempting To Ride To The South Pole

  American Daniel Burton will soon set off on what promises to be one of the coldest and most difficult bike rides in history. Burton, who is a veteran of long distance cycling events, is preparing to take on his most difficult challenge yet. Over the course of the coming [...]

Photo Courtesy of Lewis Clarke

British Teen Hopes To Be Youngest To Ski To The South Pole

Some teenagers are content with simply learning to drive, getting a job and hopefully finding a date for the prom. But British teen Lewis Clarke has much more adventurous aspirations in mind. The young man, who hails from Bristol, is about to attempt to become the youngest person to ski [...]

Photo Credit: EPA/Conrad Hoskins/James Cook University

Australian Scientists Explore Lost World

Even in the 21st century there are places on our planet that have yet to be explored. Some of those places are veritable “lost worlds,” cut off from the outside for centuries, they often hide new and unusual species that have yet to be discovered by scientists. Such was the [...]

Photo Courtesy Fedor Konyukhov

Russian Rower To Attempt Pacific Ocean Crossing

Russian explorer Fedor Konyukhov has an impressive resume in terms of his adventurous accomplishments. Not only has he visited both the North and South Pole, he has also climbed the Seven Summits, twice going to the top of Everest. But next month he will undertake what may be the most [...]