An Ode to Fall

Each season has a flavor. The Summer is hot with a side of extra daylight and perspiration, while the Winter is best served cold with plenty of snow. All the seasons have their own excitement and intrigue, but as I’m sitting down in the noon day’s sun on a beautiful autumn afternoon, I know what flavor hits my sensory taste buds the best, the arguably greatest dish of them all, the subtle, yet distinct, flavors of Fall:

Sweater Weather
The best way to beat the heat is to give it time, and now the time has come. Fall weather can be a mixed bag of emotions, but typically involves sunny days and chilly moments between sun up and sun down. Which for your average adventurer means fun in the sun during the day and a good reason to bundle up next to the fire at night. Sometimes during the Summer, it’s impossible to cool down, while the Winter months can provide infinite shivering; where in the Fall you get the best of both worlds. Sweaters, sweatpants, and long-sleeve T’s; whatever outfit works best, Fall is the time to layer up and strip down. Weather doesn’t get much better than this. 

Hues, Shades, and Falling Leaves
Mother Nature really boasts a heavy paintbrush in Autumn providing more colors than most eyes can comprehend. With each changing leaf a new scene slowly develops right in front of you. Forget your average oranges, don’t bother with your run of the mill reds, and don’t just see the same old browns. The colors and hues of Fall work collectively and create such aesthetics and beauties that Autumn should be a time to leave the TV unplugged and a reason to look up from your smartphone every now and then.

A Time of Transition
Summer seems to be the time of doing, of always moving. Where the Winter may be more stagnant, the coldness keeping some of us inside next to the heater. The Fall provides that nice balance between staying active all day and keeping warm at night; it’s a season of transition, and not just for the falling leaves outside. The Autumn weather provides the perfect backdrop for stepping outside, for finding those cold-weather clothes once packed away before the Summer months. And the changing weather is the perfect time for yourself to step back and re-evaluate the different ways you have to stay warm during the winter.

‘Tis The Season
Without speculating how certain holidays came to be, it can be understood that the impeding cooler weather that Autumn brings marks the beginning of the holiday season. Well before the leaves are in full Fall bloom, Halloween costumes are already a concern. The Fall ushers in a time to consider getting together, to accumulate like all the crunchy leaves underfoot, and to begin to remember the joys of the holiday season.

Autumn Appetites
Pumpkin pies, apple cider, and big bowls of chili. In my mind, the Autumn comes with the most distinct, if not the most delicious seasonal side-dishes. Something just seems right about pulling on your sweater before digging into a hearty helping of steaming chowder, or raking leaves with the spice of warm apple cider still sitting on your tongue. Whatever your appetite is, the Fall will surely fill your stomach right.

So the next time you are reminiscent about the dog days of summer, or cringing at the thought of defrosting your car or shoveling your driveway, remember to sit down, watch the leaves fall, and enjoy everyday of Autumn’s awesomeness.