All the Times MacGyver Used a SAK

A SAK, some duck tape, maybe a paperclip and all of sudden, MacGyver has a fully functional plane in his possession. MacGyver may have been the ultimate sensei when it came to SAK uses and surprisingly enough, he even showed us a few creative ways to use the trusty tool-filled companion. Maybe he can give you a few ideas for the next time you get into a bind.

Season 1 Episode 10 - Cuts reeds into breathing tubes
Starts at 22:15

Later creates a blowgun

Season 2 Episode 2 - Repairs a post mix soda gun by bleeding off some built-up carbon dioxide that has caused a valve to stick. He takes off the button panel of the soda gun, removes the troubled valve spindle (both with his Swiss Army knife) and inserts a miniature pirate’s sword from a plate of olives.

Season 2 Episode 3 - Cuts the fire hose with his Swiss army knife, ties the nozzle end to the door, the other end to the hand rail, and lays the hose very flat against the ground so the elevator’s doors won’t close on it.

Season 2 Episode 4 - Removes a crystal out of his watch with his SAK and holds it so a fine point of light is focused at the fuse’s end to light it.
Starts at 1:00

Season 2 Episode 21 - Fixes a boy’s bicycle with a nameplate, a screw and his Swiss knife.

Season 3 Episode 3 - Escapes from two mafia hit men using a fire hose to slide down a metal wire. First cut off with his Swiss army knife of course.

Season 4 Episode 4 – Fixes a typewriter, from which the pin that holds the ribbon has broken off, with the ink cartridge from a ballpoint pen. He uses the ink cartridge to rethread the ribbon, as well as to hold it back in place, and then cuts the cartridge down to size with his Swiss Army knife.

Season 4 Episode 9 - SAK used to released wire set to trigger Pete’s deathtrap.
Starts at 0:49

Season 4 Episode 11 - Uses the tweezers from his Swiss Army knife in order to pick the lock of the other motel room.

Season 4 Episode 18 -  Hot-wires an elevator by simply holding his Swiss army knife between two cords in the control box on top of the elevator.

By The Wenger Blog