Adventurer To Climb And Ski 100,000 Meters In March

Photo Credit: Aaron Chance

Ski-Mountaineer Greg Hill has big things planned for the month of March. The man who once skied more than 2 million feet (609,600 meters) in a single year, will now attempt to push the envelope even further. Hill has announced that he will try to set an incredible record by climbing and skiing more than 100,000 meters (328,083 feet) in a single month. That’s an average of 3226 meters (10,583 feet) each and every day. Is such a thing even possible? Greg is about to try to find out. 

Beginning on March 1, Hill will launch this massive undertaking by climbing and skiing as many mountains as possible over the next 31 days. It would be easy for him to head to his favorite resorts and start skiing groomed runs, but that is not what this adventure is about. Instead, he’ll head deep into the Canadian backcountry, where he’ll find plenty of fresh powder and tall mountains to keep him busy. Some of those mountains will not have ever been skied before, giving Greg the opportunity to make several first descents. He has also vowed to not repeat any of his routes, which means he’ll be climbing and skiing unique paths each and every day of the challenge.

Greg is certainly no stranger to endurance skiing challenges. Back in 2010 he set a goal for himself to ski and climb 2 million vertical feet in a single year. He managed to accomplish that feat, averaging 5500 feet (1676 meters) per day. Over that 365 day period, he climbed a total of 71 mountains and skied an awe-inspiring 1039 runs in 4 different countries. On his best day, he skied more than 23,000 feet (7010 meters), and he had 77 total days during which he skied 10,000 feet (3048 meters) or more.

As you can tell by those numbers, Hill’s 2010 endeavor was extremely difficult and tested him in many ways. But this new adventure will push him to his very limits as he attempts to string together 31 straight days of intense climbing and difficult backcountry skiing. The challenge will go well beyond the physical however, as he’ll also need to have plenty of luck on his side. Bad weather, unstable snow conditions, and poor health could all conspire against Hill in an effort to trip him up along the way. If he wants to reach his 100,000 meter goal, he’ll need to be focused and tough, but he’ll also need more than a few things go his way.

You’ll be able to follow Greg’s efforts during the month of March on his website at