Adventurer Announces 5-Year Sailing Expedition


Tyler Bradt is no stranger to aquatic adventurers. As a professional kayaker, Bradt has run his fair share of  whitewater in some very remote corners of the globe. He even set a record for dropping over the tallest waterfall when he went over the 189.5-foot Palouse Falls a few years back. Now Bradt has announced a new waterborne adventure that will see him on a 5-year voyage to circumnavigate the globe as he goes in search of adventure in its many forms.In March of this year, Tyler will set off on what he is calling the Wizard’s Eye Expedition. The plan is to combine cultural immersion with extreme sports and adrenaline inducing adventures while he slowly makes his way around the planet. Brandt, who will be joined by a rotating group of friends, intends to scuba dive through sunken caves, rock climb remote faces, make first descents on wild rivers and BASE jump from high cliffs. In short, he’ll spend the next five years taking part in what ever activities capture his attention in what ever part of the planet he happens to be visiting at the time.

While on the expedition, Tyler and his motley group of friends will live aboard a sailing ship that is equipped for prolonged voyages. The 45-foot long, 20-ton steel-hulled ship, dubbed the Wizard’s Eye, that is designed for circumnavigating the globe, while keeping its crew as comfortable as possible. The ship is tough enough to survive in some of the more extreme environments of the planet, which will certainly come in handy on this trip.

Tyler has broken the expedition down into five legs, giving himself a year to successfully complete each phase. In year one, which begins in just a few weeks, he’ll depart from the West Coast of the U.S. and set sail for the South Pacific, exploring various islands as he goes. His eventual destination for this initial stage will be the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand. In year two, his route will take him from New Zealand to India and year three will continue on from there to South Africa. In the fourth year, he’ll depart for home, eventually reaching the East Coast of the U.S. He’ll wrap up the voyage in year five, by attempting to navigate through the infamous Northwest Passage, which will return Bradt and his ship to the Pacific Ocean and eventually back to his starting point. During each phase, he’ll make frequent stops in numerous countries, exploring what each has to offer in terms of unique cultures and activities.

You’ll be able to follow Tyler’s five-year voyage on his Wizard’s Eye Expedition website once he gets underway.

By Kraig Becker

[Photo Credits: Tyler Bradt, Kraig Becker]