A Sport for Any Terrain

There are certain outdoor sports that you can do almost anywhere. Fishing, hunting, and biking to name a few are classics that pass the time, put food on the table, and get you from point A to B. However, there are some other, less common outdoor recreational sports that can be undertaken and thusly dominated in various terrains. For these sports, you won’t need a mountain, snow, the ocean, or the dessert sands. Just a willing spirit and a little moxy.

Trade your two legs for four wheels that are sure to get you over most geological obstacles. Whether you’re in the backwoods of Kentucky or the suburbs, four-wheelers are easily transportable, can be purchased used and cheap, and, most importantly, they’re fun as hell.

The great thing about this ripping-roaring outdoor sport is that dirt can literally be found anywhere. Whether you’re in the Rocky Mountains, on the east coast, or way down south where the red-dirt clay stains jeans, chances are you can find a path, pasture, or natural dirt mound to sail over.

The best thing about slacklining is that it’s very minimalist. All you need to a line, two stable objects (such as trees) to string said line, and balance. Set up in a park, the forest, or downtown between two street lights. There’s virtually no limit to where you can go and the fun to be had with these things. People even slack line over canyons, though we recommend some training and life insurance first.

This newly popular sport requires wind. Last we checked, there’s pretty much wind everywhere. Granted, some places are more windy than others, but if you’ve got a moderately sized hill, a good gust, and an adventurous spirit this sport can pretty much be attempted wherever your outdoorsy imagination takes you.

A Word to the Wise
These are all serious sports and activities that require research, practice, guidance, and, in some cases, formal training. Be sure to look into your sport thoroughly before attempting any daredevil stunts and be sure to follow all safety precautions while you’re out having a blast in your neck of the woods.