8 U.S. Cliffs That’ll Make You Soar

Cliff jumping is an adrenaline rush like no other, and with so many towering mountain ranges, gushing waterfalls and craggy canyons across America, the options for prime jumps are endless. Get a little risky and spice up your summer splashing- just be smart and safe! Talk to locals that know the location you are considering and check those pesky water depths. Here are 8 popular U.S. cliff jumps to get your blood pumping and arms flapping.


Tar Creek Falls, California
This is a dive you have to work for. Start by trekking up the treacherous rock face- 70ft to be exact. Once you reach a point that’s jump-able, careful not to leap too close or you may smack lips with a cold, hard rock wall!

Waianapanapa, Hawaii
This popular jump joint is located in Maui. Visit Kaanapali Beach, walk the coast and you’ll find cliffs that’ll give you a nice little 40 ft drop into the sea.

St. Mary’s Glacier, Colorado
Cliff jump into a glacier fed  body of water known simply as “the lake”. The coolest part? You are surrounded by glaciers- wave to snowboarders as you flip your way to being the coolest kid at Glacier National Park. Keep water levels in mind, because they fluctuate throughout the year.

Lake Havasu, Arizona
Discover the ravishing red canyons of Lake Havasu, situated along the turquoise blue Colorado River. Here, you will find Copper Canyon- a legendary cliff jumping location for daring spring breakers. Rent a boat with some friends, tie up around the canyon and watch others take the plunge for a fun day of boating.

Punchbowl Falls, Oregon
Located on the beautiful Hood River, the falls offer a little something for everyone, with jumps ranging from 0-80 ft high.

Lake Powell, Utah
There is so much to explore in the 186-mile long lake which offers an abundance of sandy beaches, glassy water, and excellent hiking, fishing and swimming. And did I mention cliff diving? Find your own private cliff to break in, but of course, SAFETY FIRST!

Becket, Massachusetts
Check out this popular summer hangout, home to an old quarry where brave souls can enjoy a 65-80 ft jump into a deep, green pool.

Elk River Falls, North Carolina
This 50 ft waterfall is easy to access and beautiful to boot. Let your inhibitions fly away as you plummet into a deep, pool of blue green bliss. Beware of strong currents and make sure to chat with the locals on where to jump, as conditions can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.