8 Hot and Fashion Functional Trends Right Now

Some believe that fashion and the outdoors are mutually exclusive but the following fashion forward and functional trends say otherwise. From durable, colorful fabrics that keep you warm and dry to head and hand wear that no only keep your extremities cozy but also make the men manlier and the gals glamorous, these trends are worth the investment.

For the Guys

Hardcore Handwear

Lately, we’ve been noticing tough-as-nails handgear everywhere. Cyclists are wearing biking gloves, climbers rock belay gloves, and mountaineers need to save their digits from the cold.  Protecting your hands in the outdoors, it would seem, is every bit as important as protecting your feet. Where to find these manly mittens? Mountain Hardwear offers a variety of gloves and allows you to search by sport, to ensure that you get the right glove for the job.

Machetes and Hatchets
These may not seem like a “fashion statement” but we assure you that they are. Don one of these bad-boys and you instantly position yourself as someone who takes the outdoors seriously, someone who is prepared, and someone who gets the job done. That being said, make sure you actually know how to use these tools which are great for splitting wood and hacking through brush. Remember, “fashion functional” because looking like a badass isn’t quite as good as actually being one.

For the Gals

Beanie’s with Style
If you desire to stay warm in the outdoors, insulating head gear is an essential. But for the ladies, this can be problematic. We like to wear our hair in pony-tails and braids to ensure that it stays out of our eyes while we’re on our outdoor adventures. Luckily, many beanie brands are adding a useful pony-tail hole in the back of beanie’s so that your hair can slip right through, making your Beanie-wearing-experience just a little bit more comfortable.

Skorts, Dresses, and Mini-Skirts
More and more, ladies are rocking skorts, dresses, and mini-skirts during their outdoor adventures. Why? Because they’re comfortable, breathable, and down-right cute.

For Everyone

Al Borland Flannel

Though fleece, nylon, and Gore Tex are gaining in popularity with outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll find that flannel is still going strong. Originally made of wool and yarn, most modern-day flannel is now comprised of wool, cotton, and other synthetic fibers. This material is soft, light-weight, insulating and great for layering. Not to mention, from a Fashion Standpoint, it screams “Outdoorsy!

Wool, Wool, and More Wool
Wool has been an insulating fabric for thousands of years but, lately, this warm material has taken on a new life and following in the outdoor community. Wool hats, socks, sweaters, gloves, and even pillows are all the rage. Why? It’s durable, warm, and renewable.

Fashion Functional Carabiners
Carabiners have been a fashionable and functional item for rock-climbers for many years. But, lately, everyone in outdoor sports seem to be jumping on the Carabiner Bandwagon. And with good reason. These little contraptions are great for securing gear to your pack, attaching your keys for easy access during outdoor adventures and wrangling your water bottles. This item not only makes you look like a serious outdoorsman or woman but it also insures that your gear stays put, your keys don’t go missing, and your ass doesn’t hit the ground on an epic climb.

Approach Shoes
Sometimes, you don’t want to wear your bulky, shit-kicker, hiking boots when approaching your climbing destination or campsite. Luckily, light-weight, grippy, approach shoes are all the rage these days. Great for a quick hike or walking around your campground, these shoes slip on and off with ease.