8 Edible Bugs for Wilderness Survival

Food can be our worst enemy and our most passionate lover. We are constantly surrounded by food and its utter deliciousness and can sometimes forget how much we take it for granted…until you get stuck out in the wilderness. Here, you won’t find chicken wings growing on trees and pizza falling from the sky, that’s for sure. But you do have something to keep you alive…bugs. Here are 8 edible insects perfect for wilderness survival.

Ants are everywhere, and with so many varieties they make easy and tasty little snacks. The honeypot ant will satisfy that sweet tooth with near-bursting bellies that are filled with nectar. They can be found in Australia, dug up from the ground and eaten raw. Broaden your palette with leaf cutter ants, carpenter ants and lemon ants.

Found in primarily in the eastern U.S., cicadas live underground for 17 years before emerging and molting into adults. And they make they’re presence known – chirping away in the trees during summer. Find the freshly molted adults and you’ve got a juicy, tender treat.

I didn’t want to go there, but this is survival after all. Roaches at home…no. But ones found in the forest- go for it. They are much cleaner and feed on fruits and veggies. Bon a petit.

These are well known crunchy snacks and are easy to find and capture. Cook hem up however you prefer or slurp them down nice and raw-like.

This protein packed bug is perfect for some quick energy, and we all know how to find them. Who knew the childhood pastime of digging for pet worms could come in handy?

Feeling like seafood? Keep you eyes peeled for Tomato hornworms, they aren’t hard to miss. Cook ‘em up and take a nibble; supposedly they taste like shrimp and crab.

June Bugs
On a warm summer night it isn’t uncommon to get hit in the face by a flying june bug, or at least let one or two in the house at night. These common beetles can be eaten as larvae or adults.

Fly Pupae
One of the most hated bugs on earth is also chock full of healthy fatty acids similar to that of some fish oils. Better yet, the pupae are shaped like small red pills and are said to taste like a rich blood pudding…yummy.