8 Best Countries/States to Ski Powder

A fresh canvas of untouched snow laying in front of you and waiting to be torn apart by your skis is an absolutely gorgeous sight. Hunks of snow shooting up into your face around every turn while you effortlessly glide atop a powdery wonderland, is something that every human being should experience at some point in their lives. While some of us have had the good fortune of experiencing an epic powder day, others remain unaware of the magnitude and power of its glory. Here’s a list of the 10 best ski spots for experiencing powder so everyone can experience the fun.

Washington (USA)
Large storm clouds chalked full of moisture like to roll off the pacific and hover over the Northwest corner of the United States. This strange weather phenomenon translates to what is considered to be the snowiest ski destination on the planet. While a plethora of resorts report an outrageous amount of snowfall every year in Washington, Mt. Baker reigns supreme with an average annual snow of  around 640 inches!

Freezing air blasting down from Siberia creates some giant, wet clouds that tend to hang out over Japan’s north island of Hokkaido. The result is literal tons of fresh powder dumped on the number of resorts sprinkled throughout the island. Resorts of the Niesko region report an annual snowfall of nearly 600 inches each year!

Utah (USA)
Big clouds rumbling over the deserts of the western United States tend to come to a halt in Utah. The Wasatch Mountains are usually the first peaks these monster clouds come into contact with and the result is a dumping of snow for many happy skiers. Alta is the powder mecca for the state and reports nearly 430 inches of annual snowfall.

Alaska (USA)
Hiding out in the upper left corner of North America, Alaska is another powder haven for skiers and riders. Pacific storms love to find their way inland to the resorts of Alaska and unleash heaps of powder on the enormous mountains. The Alyeska Resort reports just over 500 inches of powder every year.

California (USA)
California is a big state and there are a number of great areas that receive an abundance of beautiful powder each year. However the ‘Powder King’ of Cali goes by the name of Kirkwood and reports nearly 480 inches of pow annually. In addition to their fluffy powder, they also claim to have some of the best sunshine skiing throughout the winter.

British Columbia (Canada)
Not only does B.C. receive the same mega snowstorms coming from the pacific, but they also boast one of the largest and best resorts in the country to receive all that amazing powder. With around 400 inches of annual snowfall, Whistler is considered to be one of the greatest spots on earth to rip some powder turns!

In general Europe doesn’t tend to receive the same crazy amounts of powder that North America and Japan do. They also don’t tend to report or publish annual snowfall statistics, possibly to discourage people from going elsewhere during their vacation. However, there are definitely some exceptions to the rule as Andermatt, a Swiss Alps resort reports nearly 400 inches each year.

Colorado (USA)
With a 10,300 foot elevation at it’s base, Wolf Creek a small resort is Southern Colorado amasses a whopping 380 inches of snow each year. While most people who ski in Colorado tend to hit the popular resorts of Vail and Aspen, this secret little powder haven is a great little secret powder spot.

By Alex Vere-Nicoll