7 Uber-Effective Ways to Keep the Mosquitoes Away

Alaska is a pretty idyllic place to spend the summer in terms of weather, scenery, and just about everything else ― except for the blood-sucking bugs. This recent video of a mosquito swarm was captured on the North Slope of Northern Alaska’s Brooks Range…

Makes you itchy just watching it. In order to avoid being eaten alive by skeeter clouds like these, you need to use heavy-duty, tried-and-true methods of keeping the bugs away from you and your blood. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer
This zapping device will keep your patio mosquito-free without producing an ungodly amount of noise or causing your electricity bill to skyrocket. In addition to the bloodsuckers, it will also take care of gnats, flies, and other winged pests.

Kite Patch
OK, we cheated… this one isn’t currently available yet, but definitely put it on your to-buy list for next summer. This small, square patch is designed to emit chemical compounds that keep the bloodsuckers at bay. If they’re as effective as the designers claim, experts predict these patches will be a game-changer in the fight against malaria.

Patriot Mosquito Trap
This device (which resembles a KitchenAid combined with a microscope) essentially converts propane into carbon dioxide and allows it to mix with mosquito attractant. When the bugs approach, they are sucked into an interior net, where they eventually expire from dehydration. The Patriot’s range extends up to an acre, so your backyard will be clear in no time.

Mosquito Dunks
If you have a fountain, birdbath, or other large container of stagnant water in your backyard, then chances are you have a mosquito problem during the summer months. Drop these larvicide-tainted disks into the water to wipe out mosquito larva before they grow old enough to bite you ― but don’t worry, they won’t hurt birds, pets, or other relatively large animals.

Outdoor Mosquito Net
If you enjoy eating outside during the summer (who doesn’t?), then an outdoor net might in order. There are plenty of options, including the Umbrella Mosquito Net from Plow & Hearth ($29.95), the East End Patio Mosquito Net from Meijer ($37.49), and the heavy-duty Havenbury Gazebo Mosquito Net from Threshold ($66.99).

Stinger Nosquito Lure
A touch more powerful than the average bug zapper, this baby uses Octenol (aka mushroom alcohol) to lure mosquitoes and then electrocutes the crap out of them. The lures are EPA-approved, and last up to 30 days before they need to be replaced.

Stone Citronella Candles
Effective and aesthetically pleasing, these potted candles release non-toxic chemicals that tell the mosquitoes to steer clear of your backyard. The wick will burn for hours, making them perfect for outdoor barbecues and other gatherings that go late into the evening.